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Finding a professional interior designer who is adept at what he does and possess the right work ethics could be such a herculean task, most especially for those seeking such services for the first time or have little or no experience about that field. Our goal is to bridge that gap between you the client and the service provider by helping designers sell their ideas better.

To achieve this, we equip our users with a better understanding of home designs and what to expect from an interior designer. Over the years we’ve come to realize that some of the challenges interior designers face are usually due to the lack of adequate knowledge about home decor on the path of the clients. This leads to the common unrealistic time and budget scenario problem, where the client feels he is being billed too much for the job and the designer feels his skill and experience is not adequately valued. Our platform helps users find the right professional who possesses the needed skill set, be it a contemporary or modern style. It helps them save time and cost as they can easily be matched to the right designer that best fits their dreams and budgets.

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