How Do You Attract Money With Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient art that originated from China and has been around for over 6000 years. It was crafted to help individuals balance energies or qi at their place of residences or offices.
The philosophy can be used to attract good luck, health, love, and money.

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Principles That Help You Attract Money

    Let’s see how the principle can help you attract money.

    As we have seen above, feng shui was discovered over three centuries ago and was initially intended to protect homes from natural calamities before it was interpreted spiritually and philosophically.

    Before, the practice was complicated and challenging to follow and understand, but over the years, it has been simplified that anyone can learn about in just a few hours.

    The first thing you need to understand about feng shui is the ‘Bagua’. This refers to the 8 points or elements or even areas, which are represented on a map. The areas comprise of 8 nature elements connected to 8 life elements.

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Bagua – The 8 Areas

    The 8 areas are derived from the 8 cardinal points of a compass.

    Here are the elements and what they attract into your life.

    North (water element): career and life path

    Northwest (heaven element): helpful people, travel

    West (metal element): creativity, children

    Southwest (earth element): relationships

    South (fire element): fame, reputation

    Southeast (wind element): wealth, abundance

    East (wood element): family, ancestors

    Northeast (element of mountains): wisdom

For you to invite positive feng shui into your home, you need to reference this map against your house floor plan.
As you can see from the above list, the southeast area of your house is where the energy of wealth should be flowing.
Therefore, you need to decorate the area with things that symbolize wealth and abundance, such as ornaments, to attract energy.

Feng Shui Map

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Feng Shui In Western World

    As the principle of feng shui traveled across the continents, it was adopted differently, especially in the Western world.
    In the Western world, the compass is ignored completely, and instead, one stands in front of the house entrance to find the 9 areas.
    In this case, the top left corner of your house is where your “wealth area” is.

    The two accounts could be confusing.
    But it doesn’t matter which one you should go with. According to the experts, go with whichever you feel comfortable, be it the compass or the Western version.

But My House Is Not Square-Shaped

    Questions may also arise if your house is differently designed compared to the traditional houses.
    Not all of us live in a square house.

    For example, you may be living in an apartment in a block, which is never that square-shaped. In this case, there are solutions.

    In feng shui, this phenomenon is called “missing area in the Bagua.” And can be rectified by:

    “Expand” the area by hanging a mirror on the wall

    Crystalize it to “enlighten”

    Use a houseplant to “liven up” the room

    “Activate” the area with wind chimes

Story Building Tips

    For those who live in story buildings.
    Feng shui offers two pieces of advice in the case of story buildings.

    First is to use the “main floor,” and another is relocated the Bagua areas on each level of the house, thus ending up with multiple sets of Feng shui in your home.

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Start From The Door

    Let us see how you can now attract money in your home by establishing the feng shui(風水) Bagua(八卦) of wealth!

    Your front door should be designed in a manner that it attracts good feng shui into your house and eventually into your “wealth area.”

    Your front door determines the flow of qi(氣) into your house, so you need to work on it to ensure the uninterrupted flow of energy.

    The main entrance to your house should be the first thing to decorate before even sorting out your wealth and abundance area as well as the rest of the baguas.

    Ensure your front door is clean all the time and clutter-free so that positive feng shui will be able to flow straight in.

    Generally, nobody wants a dirty front door, so make sure it is free from all sorts of obstacles, including shoe racks and coat hangers.

    Consider decorating the front door with a lovely and fresh welcome mat.

    The door should solid and durable and should also be proportionately sizable to your house. For example, if your house is small, the door should also be small.

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Inside The House

    A tidy front does will just do so much to let in the good feng shui, but if your house is unorganized and crowded, the energy will not flow through the house.

    Map out the path in your house and ensure it is clear.

    Items that remind you of unpleasant memories should be gotten rid of. The house should be well dusted and vacuumed more often.

The “Wealth/Abundance” Area

    Now that you have done everything that is there to be done to allow the flow of qi into your house, it is time now to direct the good energy into the “wealth” area.

    Start by getting rid of things that can negatively influence your wealth energy, such as reminders and unpaid bills. Empty the cabinet and drawer that is filled with things that can attract bad energy.

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Displaying Symbols Of Wealth In The “Wealth” Area

In feng shui, some symbols portray wealth and will help attract energy to the area. There are several suggestions, including:

Put Your Change In A Glass Jar

    Put your change in a glass jar and regularly add more to indicate that your wealth is continuously growing.

Wealth Ship

    Deploy a ‘wealth ship’ in the form of an ornament with precious jewelry or stones or even coins in it. The ship will bring in abundance by water and winds.

gemstone green


    Decorate the area with several gemstones that symbolize wealth, such as citrine, green jade, green moss agate, green aventurine, quartz, and emerald.

Include The Flowing Water Elements

    Flowing water symbolizes a ‘wealth cure,’ so it is recommended to add some fountains in your ‘wealth’ area. Feng shui also recommends a fish tank because fish portrays good fortune.

    But the installations need to be always clean, whether it is a fish tank or water fountain.

    Adding a dragon close to the water element is thought to attract wealth and prosperity. In this case, a small or medium-sized dragon figurine will do.

    Instead of getting a water fountain or a fish tank, you can hang pictures of paintings of water, like a river of a waterfall. Avoid pictures of disturbed water, such as a storm.

Using Plants To Attract Money

    Plants in your ‘wealth’ area of the house will attract wealth energy into your life. They have many benefits apart from attracting good feng shui. Plants such as the Boston fern, Bamboo Palm, and Peace Lily can purify the air.

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Feng Shui

Feng shui aims to make your home connected to your health through the flow of positive energy. For you to be able to achieve this, there are things you need to do and avoid.

Here Are The Do’s Of Feng Shui

Allow good, clean, quality air into your home

    Fresh air shouldn’t be breathed only when we are out in the woods or mountains; our homes should be able to enhance this too.

    Open the windows to let in the fresh air as well as adding plants in your home to clean the air.

Let in the sunlight

    Decorate your home with bright colors and lights to nourish the positive energy. Open the windows, blinds, or curtains to allow in sufficient light energy into your home.

Place a larger piece of furniture

    Place a larger piece of furniture in your space instead of several smaller pieces, to create an illusion of a big space that helps the positive energy to flow well.

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The Don’ts Of Feng Shui

Don’t overpower

    Don’t overpower your space with industrial scents such as air fresheners as well as scented candles.

Don’t clutter

    Don’t clutter your home with obstacles. One of the major enabling factors of feng shui is a clear path on which it can move freely.

    Your house should be clutter-free, especially along the paths and the center.

    Remember, the center of your house is to wear the feng shui health element resides and should always be clear and open.

Don’t hang

    Don’t hang mirrors in a way that they face each other, as this will result in vortices of energy colliding at the center, thus creating aggressive energy.

Don’t keep

    Don’t keep dry or dead plants or flowers in your house because they create stagnant energy. Flowers and plants need to be fresh and vibrant to create that liveliness in your house.
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