Remove Bad Feng Shui? Here Is How ..

Imagine this. You have had a hectic or bad day at work. The only thing in your mind is to get home eat and rest.

However, once you open the front door of your home, the whole house is a mess; things lying around cluttering your rooms, the lighting is poorly done, and the mismatched dull paintings on the walls are not helping you to relax. In fact, causes you more stress than ever.

This is why feng shui is important. Its principles are designed in a way to not only arrange your house in a civilized manner but also declutter your mind and spirit. Your home is your sanctuary, and your subconscious mind relies on the actuality that you may attain peace once you are at home.

10 Home and Office features that create bad feng shui

Feng Shui helps you attain peace and well-being through its guiding fundamentals. As a matter of fact, the most basic principle of feng shui is to declutter your place and make space for your mind to mentally and spiritually grow.

Here, we outline a few features that can create bad feng shui in your home and office.

Poorly Designed and Managed Front Entrance

The main entrance door to your home or office is considered to be the ‘Mouth of Chi/qi’ as per feng shui. The door itself should have a welcoming design. Its colors should complement the Bagua map and match its direction. Check out our feng shui door color article to know more.

The main entrance should always be clean and clutter-free to absorb and let in positive, wealth, and abundance of radiating energy. Never litter the entrance area with garbage bags, dirty and smelly shoes, and other types of debris.

Also, make sure to keep the front floor, matting, or carpet clean and stain free. Of course, it goes without saying that the colors of matting or carpet should match the Bagua layout.

Broken items are strict ‘No’

If you have any type of broken equipment, it’s better to repair it or immediately get a new one. Defective lighting, damaged home appliances, leaky taps, and plumbing items causing water leakage, etc., those defects tend to accumulate bad energy across your home.

When it comes to the lighting of your house, make sure that it is well lit and complements your home or office’s overall aesthetics and colors. A dull and gloomy setting in the home might be for the aesthetics reasons but it’s not suggested for the good feng shui rule, this not only attracts bad “chi,” but it can start producing it.

Home or office filled with unwanted stuff

Your home is your sanctuary after full day at work. If these spaces are cluttered with unwanted items, it creates heavy and unwanted stagnant energy that negatively affects the “qi” flow moving around your dwellings. Keep your place clean and objects arranged in the right spaces to harmonize the flow of chi.

Incorrect bed placements attract bad feng shui

The bed is an auspicious space where you rest and recharge. We spend almost 8 hours every day on the bed, replenishing our energies and spending time with ourselves. A few placements are listed below that attract bad feng shui.

Bed directly aligned to the entrance door of the bedroom

The bed is placed in such a way that your feet point to the door. As per feng shui, this is known as a ‘Coffin Position” and is not good a good placement.

Placing the headboard against the windows attracts random and potentially disturbing “chi” during your sleep.

Obstructing corners and sharp items

Furniture placed in an enclosed path that may hurt people or other objects like platform beds with sharp edges causes an unwanted stir in the “chi.” According to feng shui, it is best to conceal all the corners in your home with a piece of furniture, a vase, or a plant.

The Big Five

Five layouts create disturbing ‘chi’ in your dwellings. You can apply feng shui cures to remedy the negative effects.

  • A staircase directly aligned to the entrance door to your home or office. Also, stairs in the middle of the structure tend to suppress and drain the chi from the surroundings.
  • A very long and narrow hallway in your home that leads to the bedroom. The straight and narrow path of the flow of chi is unpredictable and unsettling.
  • Beams on the ceiling above your bed or workspace.
  • The front door and the back door are aligned in a straight line.
  • Overuse of conflicting feng shui elements in one space of the house or office.

Dead or Artificial Plants/flowers

The growth and flourishment of vibrant living plants in feng shui symbolize abundance, sustenance, and prosperity. Fake plants tend to attract negative energy and affect self-esteem. While withering and dying plants represent a downward spiral in the surrounding “chi.”

Incorrect spaces and layouts

As per feng shui structures built on cliff-sides, ridges, river outlets, next to a bridge, or road intersections attract bad and unsettling energies. If you already have a home or office in these layouts, please consult a feng shui master on how to manage these sha chi with feng shui cures.

Bad lighting and Décor

When anyone enters your home, they should immediately feel safe and comfortable. Too little or too much of lighting makes us feel uncomfortable. The lighting should not only correspond to the overall décor but also harmonize the flow of “chi” throughout your home and office.

Your décor should also be inviting and strike balance with the overall layout of the Bagua map. Intimidating and violent art is bad feng shui. If you are really attracted to the darker shades of art, its best to keep them in a separate room.

Stagnant Water

Stagnant water in feng shui creates a sense of stagnant abundance in life and career instead of progressing forward. One feng shui cure to remedy this issue is to keep a fountain or an image of flowing water, such as a waterfall in the affected area.

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