What’s Bagua?

What is Bagua?

Bagua or Pa Kua refers to the eight symbols commonly used in the Taoist Cosmology to depict the fundamental philosophies of realism, represented by a range of eight unified concepts. Each bagua consists of three lines, which are either unbroken or broken, representing yang or yin. The three lines are often referred to as Eight Trigrams because of their triple nature.

The 8 Trigrams

The 8 trigrams associated with Bagua represent the basic principles of reality. Here are the eight trigrams in Bagua:

• Fame and Reputation
• Wealth and Prosperity
• Family and Community
• Love and Relationship
• Helpful People and Travel
• Creativity and Children
• Career and Life Mission
• Wisdom and Knowledge

Bagua means “eight areas” in English. The areas represent the most critical aspects of one’s life.

Feng Shui Bagua Colors

The colors that are best for each Gua:

The Career Gua

This is represented by the colors black, and dark blue, and the direction and water element. Remember, you can activate the energy in this area by using paintings or water or any item that resembles water, and not necessarily the colors.

The Knowledge and Self-cultivation Gua

Is enhanced bay colors green, blue, and black.

The Family and Health Gua

It is associated with green and blue colors and is linked to the element of wood and east direction.

The Wealth and Prosperity Gua

It can be activated by the color red, purple, blue, and green.

The Fame and Reputation Gua

It is activated by using the color red and is related to the element of fire and south direction.

The Love and Marriage Gua

Are nourished by the colors red, pink, and white.

Children and Creativity Gua

Are enlivened by white and pastels and is associated with the element of metal and west direction.

The Travel and Helpful People Gua

It can be activated with the colors black, gray, and white.

The Center Gua

It is activated by the colors yellow, brown, and earthy shades and orange and is linked with the earth element.

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