The Cheapest Way To Renovate Your Bathroom – 3 Tips

Bathroom renovation, just like any kind of renovation, is a daunting exercise. Bathrooms are one of the most intimate rooms in your home and need to be well-functioning and serene, as well as luxe if possible.

In most cases, the bathroom should reflect our own personal style and be able to provide the comfort we need. You want it has more space and storage, improved lighting, and well drainage.

So to get the most of your bathroom, you may consider remodeling it to your own liking. Here is what you should be aware as you prepare for your bathroom remodeling.

What You Should Be Aware Of When Renovating Bathroom

The contractor may not understand your needs entirely

If you are planning to hire a contractor to work on your project, make sure you spell everything out concerning the remodeling. Don’t just assume the contractor is on the same page as you, or you will end up having the wrong bathroom remodeled.

Therefore, to avoid the work being done on the wrong room, ensure the bathroom is marked and everything is clear as day to the contractor.

The cost of remodeling

I am not going to sugar coat anything here. Remodeling a bathroom costs more than you may imagine. Even if you decide to go for low-grade renovation, it will still cost you a few thousand dollars.

It is good to first determine how much you want to spend on this project. Don’t forget to include the cost of labor in your budget.


The amount of time it will take your bathroom to be fully renovated depends on how many things you won’t be included.

It doesn’t matter the size, whether it’s a small bathroom or big. Plus you should also include the time will take to order the necessary materials for remodeling.

Consider installing accessible outlets

These outlets will come in handy when for example you want to charge your electric toothbrush, use your hairdryer, and so on. For this reason, reconsider adding some electric outlets as part of the renovation.

Design style

Brainstorm bathroom renovation ideas. You can look for inspirations in catalogs, magazines, or online images. After agreeing with the style you want your new bathroom to look, you can then share the photos with your renovator. It is not just the style, you also have to decide on the types of fixtures, and wallpaper ideas.

This should be done before you even think of looking for a contractor. When you invite the contractor, stay consistent with your plan so that he or she can arrive at an appropriate price.

Storage space

This includes cabinets and shelving. They usually constitute the trickiest part of bathroom renovation. Your bathroom should need to be able to accommodate all your stuff, from bathroom supplies to grooming supplies and medicines.

Lighting fixture

You need your bathroom to have sufficient lighting. There are countless accidents that occur in the bathroom every day. Consider starting with maximizing natural lights before deciding to look for an appropriate light fixture. As for the artificial light, it is recommended that you install a bright light fixture.

How to deal with dust

Your entire house will be filled with the dust during the renovation from sanding of the drywall as well as cutting and get rid of the tub. Ripping out of the tile will also result to even more dust and flying debris. Some contractors may know how to deal with this mess, so ensure you talk to them about it before they start.

Walls and flooring

Any material that is watertight can be used to surface the walls and floors of your bathroom. The common materials used include marble, granite, and ceramic tiles. Either of them will give your bathroom a classy look, plus they are durable.
What you want to use in your bathroom floors and walls depends on your style and budget, as well as the durability and slip-resistance of the material.

Steps for hiring an interior designer

After having everything planned out, it is time to hire a professional interior designer.

Bathroom renovation is typically considered a do it yourself job, but considering the complexities involved, hiring a professional sound just right. You can’t risk doing such things as plumbing, electrical wiring, and tiling by yourself.

Step #1: Referrals

Using referrals and word of mouths can be the best way of finding an interior designer. This is the only way to hire someone with good track records and history because people will not recommend someone who did a shoddy job.

Use your network to track down a professional who will do a great job on your bathroom.

Step #2: Check out professional platforms

There are numerous professional platforms where you can find a reputable bathroom remodeling expert, including Angie’s List and LinkedIn.

Make sure you check their reviews to see what their previous employees had to say about their job.

If you can’t find or the designer can’t provide references from previous projects, it should be a first red flag and you should consider looking somewhere else.

Step #3: Contact several contractors from the list you have narrowed down

Invite them to your home to inspect the place and give you the estimates. Another thing you should look out for when you meet the contractor is his/her license.

The cheapest way to remodel a bathroom

As mentioned earlier, renovating your bathroom can cost you a fortune. But luckily, there are cheapest alternatives that will yield almost equal results.

1. Use cheap knockoffs

Look for vendors who sell cheap knockoff bathroom remodeling materials, they will look amazing just like an expensive one, but in this case cheap.

An alternative way of saving is retaining and refurbishing the existing materials.

2. Instead of replacing your tub, consider refinishing it

Replacing your bathtub should be the last option, seeing that you want to save the cost. Instead, try refinishing or relining it.

3. Paint your wooden floor

Replace your bathroom floor with a wood flooring or tile, if it has a wooden floor. Alternatively, you can keep the wooden floor but paint it with protective enamel.

Wood shouldn’t be your go-to option for bathroom floor and do this if only you already have wooden floors.

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