How To Feng Shui Your Kitchen To Attract Positive Chi

Feng Shui Kitchen

For a long time and in many beliefs, customs, the kitchen has been considered the heartbeat of the home. In feng shui, this belief holds true. It symbolizes abundance, health, and wealth.

The kitchen is held in high regard in feng shui and is among the three most important rooms of the home, including the master bedroom and the front door.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how a feng shui kitchen should look.

Feng shui kitchen colors

When it comes to color, everyone has their own tastes and preferences, so there is no written on the wall feng shui color for the kitchen. It comes down to what makes you feel comfortable and peaceful.

But still, feng shui provides guidelines for selecting kitchen colors, as shared below.

  • Red and orange

  • Red and orange are usually linked with the pleasures of eating. Having either or both of these colors in your kitchen can produce great results, especially if you are running a commercial kitchen.

    However, beware not to overuse these appetite inspiring colors in your kitchen as it can result in problems.

  • Blue

  • In feng shui, blue is the opposite color of orange. So if orange induces appetite, blue has the opposite effect. This is because there is almost not a blue food in nature.

    Therefore, blue is usually used to counter orange color in feng shui, to equalize the energy.

    But just like any feng shui color, too much blue color in the kitchen will cause health and even financial problems.

    Due to its effect, too much blue color can bring down the appetite and discourage aspiring chefs who love cooking.

  • Black

  • Black is not a good feng shui kitchen color because it has a depressing effect and creates an illusion of a small space.

    This color also tends to be very dramatic, which in the kitchen can feel cold and detaching. But you can have black and white in your kitchen provided you also add some red accents. This could be a bowl containing red apples or even a red tea towel on the countertop.

    But the most highly recommended combination is black and earthy tones like tan, taupe, or olive to enhance the warmth and friendliness.

  • Gold or soft yellow

  • Soft yellow and gold tones also tend to work perfectly in feng shui kitchen as they evoke coziness and relaxation as well as happiness, safety, and security.

    Yellow and muted golds are the tones of gathering and affection, which you want to propagate in your kitchen.

Feng shui kitchen layout

Several elements are crucial when it comes to designing the kitchen layout. The rule of thumb, however, is to follow the kitchen triangle code, where the refrigerator, sink, and oven, form a work triangle. It is used by many kitchen designers, even non-feng shui practitioners.

You will find plenty of principles to follow, but whatever layout you choose, make sure you do not position your oven so that you cook with your back facing the door.

  • An oven in the NORTH
  • means fire overpowers the water element. The colors to use are white and gray, along with mute yellow, beige, and sandy. The colors to avoid are pink, red, yellow, purple, and magenta.

  • The oven in the SOUTHEAST or EAST
  • will nourish the wood element. The appropriate colors for this area are green and brown and blue, black, and beige. Avoid red, strong yellow, purple, gray, and orange.

  • The oven in the NORTHEAST
  • means the earth element will be nourished, and the main colors include sandy, beige, and light butter yellow; and avoid blue, green, gray, and black.

  • The oven in the WEST or NORTHWEST
  • means the fire will destroy the metal element. The best colors for this area are white and gray, while colors to avoid are orange, red, pink, yellow, purple, and magenta.

Feng shui kitchen cures

If your kitchen is visible from the house’s main door, put a beaded curtain with green crystals (Malachite preferably) or a screen.

Also, ensure the kitchen doors open easily and smoothly to allow a smooth flow of energy.

Windows are considered the eyes of the house and impact the capacity to see clearly and have clarity in your life’s direction.

Feng shui kitchen mirrors

Mirrors are not recommended in the kitchen by feng shui unless they are small and decorative. This is because mirrors bring the energy of water, and the kitchen is dominated by fire. Also, kitchens have negative feng shui energies, and placing mirrors there will only amplify those energies.

When facing the stove, mirrors create Yin Yang Imbalance, making the house unconformable to live in.

Feng shui kitchen sink and stove

The kitchen stove should not be beside the refrigerator or sink. This is because water and fire don’t get along, so make sure they are not next to each other.

If you can’t separate them, consider putting a pot of herbs or small plant or any green item in between the two.

The stove should also not be place in the north region of the kitchen, and unfortunately, there is no cure to transcend this feng shui taboo. You just have to make sure that your kitchen stove is not placed in the northwest area of the room. It is believed that the heavenly energy pours down the kitchen through the northwest.

Feng shui kitchen rules

These are basically the summary of what we have talked about from the beginning of this article. They include:

  • The main entrance should not see the kitchen

  • The kitchen should always be out of your view when entering your home from the main front entrance. If you see the kitchen from the main door, you will be attacked by fire energy coming from the kitchen.

  • Stove and sink should never be next to each other

  • The sink is water energy, while the stove is fire energy. These two next to each other would create an energy clash.

    The refrigerator should also not be placed next to the stove.

  • The main entrance should not open into the kitchen

  • Ideally, the main door should open into the living room and not the kitchen.

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