Best Feng Shui Mirror Placement You Need To Know!

Feng shui mirror

Mirrors are among the most common cures in feng shui. They are used in numerous applications and thus, popularly nicknamed the feng shui “aspirin.”

It is mainly used to shift and enhance the Qi of a given space in what is known as the “method of minor additions.” This method is perhaps the most crucial use of mirrors in Feng Shui, and it requires one to have a clear intention to overcome the hurdle.

In feng shui, mirrors represent the element of water, which is known for enhancing wisdom and introspection. As we all know, water provides a cooling sensation, but the water itself is formless and will assume the shape of whatever container holds it.

Thus, it is this quality that is transferred to the mirror also, and it can reflect without obscurations or judgments. Mirrors can expand your view while focusing on the energies of the space.

They can attract energy into a room. When placed strategically, a mirror can reflect the view of the outside into the living space.

Mirror functions in feng shui

Mirrors have numerous uses in feng shui, including the following:

Correct “out of command” situation

It can be difficult always to find the commanding position for your bed. Sometimes you have no choice but to place your bed with the view of the door, or having the view of the door when sitting at your office desk or cooking in your kitchen.

In case of this hurdle, you can use a mirror to correct the imbalance. Place the mirror such that you can only see the reflection of the door.

Consider using a convex mirror for your stove and desk because they are small and easy to attach either to a computer or stove.

For the bedroom, you should go for a standing mirror instead since it is easy to position it so that you can see the reflection of the door when lying in bed.

Double abundance

Positioning a mirror in the kitchen so that you can see the reflection of its stove burners can help increase your wealth, and by double the burners, you can increase your capacity twofold to attract abundance.

Is it bad to place a mirror?

Generally speaking, you are not supposed to place a mirror directly across from your main door but instead on a wall perpendicular to it. Note the principle of “methods of minor additions” when hanging a mirror – you have clear intentions.

Which location can I place a mirror in the bedroom?

First, avoid hanging mirrors above or behind your bed. Feng shui is all about feeling safe and secure in your living space, and this can be hard to achieve if you have a heavy, sharp object hanging directly over your head.

Mirrors should be used with caution in the bedroom because of their ability to activate energy within a space.

The only place recommended by feng shui experts to use a mirror in the bedroom is where you can see the door while in bed. This should only happen if you can’t place your bed in a commanding position in your bedroom.

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