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Bring Good Feng Shui To Your Home – 10 Tips

Feng shui may sound a little esoteric, but if you get to understand the philosophy behind it, you will instantly discover the countless benefits of being connected to your home and how it can affect your mood and general well-being.

Feng shui is based on simple and basic common-sense practices that can make your home more organized and healthier. Consider feng shui as a form of decoration or as spring cleaning your home.

The term feng shui has been used for a long time around the world but originated from China before crossing over to the western world in the last century. The concept is based on the principle that the elements of our surroundings can affect us through the energetic ancient Chinese force known as “qi.” Qi is considered the basic energy current that flows between living things.

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Feng Shui Tips

Despite being around for centuries, still many people don’t know how to add feng shui into their homes. It is overwhelming but doable, to try to develop a good feng shui feeling in your home.

In this post, we are going to share a few ideas and tips that will help you through the journey to an energetic and happier home.

Reduce clutter

    Reducing or getting rid entirely of clutter is one of the first steps and simple ways of practicing real feng shui. According to the philosophy of feng shui, physical objects are known to hinder the flow of energy or qi across your living room or office space.

    This tip is quite practical. Imagine how you always feel when you have a pile of clothes lying around on the floor in your room.
    Excessive objects in a room can make you feel exhausted and stressed because they will be blocking your cognitive flow.

Let in lots of real lights

    Feng shui encourages natural lights, especially your main entry. According to feng shui, the entrance is where positive energy enters your home as well as your life. For this reason, you should consider starting with the front of your house when adding feng shui to your home.

    Declutter your entry and remove any unnecessary objects to allow natural lights in. Thoroughly clean the area and make it more inviting and spacious.

    Doing this will create a channel in which energy will enter your home. Ensure the place is well lit and bright by adding lighting or changing bulbs to the bright ones.

Avoid work in your bedroom

    One of the most essential pieces of wisdom in feng shui philosophy is keeping work out of your bedroom. You shouldn’t mix work and rest; thus, your bedroom should just be your sanctuary for relaxing.

    There is considerable significance in keeping an optimum environment in your bedroom so you can get sufficient rest.

    For this to happen, consider keeping everything that will bring anxiety when you look at them from your bedroom. From computer desks to furniture and other work-related objects. Before going to bed, you should silence your phone notifications and keep it (the phone) a bit far away from your bed.

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Make your house lively with some houseplants

    In feng shui, plants are considered the easiest way to improve the energy flow or qi. Plants can also be used to remove bad energy, especially in the dark and isolated areas of the house where qi get “stuck.” Sticking a plant in a dark corner will go a long way in cleansing the area of bad energy.

    Appropriate plants have been shown to help reduce stress and boost the mood due to their aesthetic properties.
    Plants represent life energy in feng shui, and having living green plants in your room will connect you to nature, creating vibrancy into your home and life in general.

    Just like organic green tea or juice, green plants will bring freshness, health, and liveliness to our homes.
    Get plants that you love and can dedicate your time caring for and ensuring they flourish.

Introduce water flow

    Water is a symbol of prosperity and wealth in ancient feng shui. The best areas to introduce water flow in your house are the north, east, and southeast.

    Bring a fountain into the room, whichever type you like, and are aesthetic and can supply positive energy to your home.
    A found indoors will help absorb healthy negative ions into the environment. Any room can be perfect for installing a fountain, with the exception of the bedroom or where you have placed another feng shui element.

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Include images

    Image is a powerful medium, and as they say, it also speaks a thousand words. When using the right photos, they can help you express the desired positive energy when you can find an appropriate object or where nothing else can fit. For instance, you may not want indoor plants in your space, but desires the sense of lush energy.

    In this scenario, a beautiful image will do. Plus, you don’t need to constantly care for the images as you will do with a live plant. The same can be applied to images of water. The fountains may not strike you as something you want in your space, in which case, you can use clear and moving images of water to bring a feng shui touch to your room. Consider getting high-quality wall murals for your indoor decorations, they will work wonders as far as feng shui is concerned.

Identify the sacred place

    In feng shui, it is believed that every room has a “money area” that needs to be taken care of properly. Therefore, it is up to you to create the room, the sacred, or alters/shrine where you will devote to the wealth energy. The sacred can be anywhere in your house, except the bathroom, garage, or laundry room.

    It can be big or small, as long as it is capable of gathering wealth energy. After identifying the sacred location, decorate it with elements of wealth such as specific images, jewelry, valuable objects, and so on. You can also add one of the feng shui energy activators like plants or crystals.


    Feng shui philosophy regards crystals as the centers of positive energy. They bring a feeling of wealth from deep within the earth. For a start, you should consider getting clear quartz, more so in its natural shape or rough.

    There is no limit on the number of crystals you can add to your home, but remember, in feng shui, less is better. Consider including a variety of crystals to attract the perfect energy of wealth, mostly the pyrite, amethyst, and citrine.

    The most recommended feng shui wealth magnet is pyrite, which is also easier to find as compared to other forms of crystals. Pyrites are affordable too. You can mix pyrites and amethysts in your space for an additional aesthetic touch.


Clear obstacles from your path

    Observe your daily paths in your home. This means literally, looking at the path you walk along when you move around your house. Start from when you get out of bed, to the bathroom, the kitchen, and so on, until you get out of your house. Repeat the same from when you get home in the evening (or whatever time you usually get home), enter the kitchen and prepare dinner, and back in bed.

    One thing you need to know about the blocks and objects on your path is that they tend to desensitize someone. Think about how that flickering light fixture makes you stop on your path and move it aside, or how you squeeze through a muddled hallway. Or when you try to find a cloth to wear in a jammed closest – all these obstacles affect you over time.

Use wealth colors

    The feng shui wealth color is usually gold, but sometimes purple is also used. You can feature any of these colors in your space using a painting or frame, pillows, or rugs.

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Best Colors For Good Feng Shui

Colors can do wonders for your space, as long as you select the right ones. Feng shui emphasizes the use of colors in our home to add positive energies and keep off the negative ones.

Here are the best feng shui colors for your home.

Color yellow – nourishing, sunny, happy

    The color yellow will always brighten your space. It creates the coziness you need your home to have, as well as ushering in the feng shui energy in your house.

Red color – romance, passion, courage

    To represent the feng shui fire element in your home, you will need the color red. It welcomes into your space the essence of joy, delightfulness, and revitalizes the sexual desire. In Chinese culture, red represents happiness and luck, and marriage color in India.

Green color – health, growth, vibrancy

    Green color brings the wood element in your home. It is the feng shui color of regeneration, renewal, and fresh energy. It brings healing vibrations from nature.

Orange – open, optimistic, social

    Just like red and yellow, orange color also provides the element of fire. Sometimes color red might be too intense to your space, and that is when you turn to the color orange. It is often referred to as the “social” color because it creates the required feng shui energy to enhance a lively conversation.

Feng Shui Color Map

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