Design A Home With Pets In Mind – 10 Important Tips

First things first, when designing a home with pets in mind, you need to do some reality check to be sure it is actually what you want.

Firstly, before you start nurturing the thoughts of designing a home with pets in mind, you need to be downright certain that you are profoundly passionate about this.

As much as pets are animals, you shouldn’t regard them as one in this sense. It is essential that you think of them as a companion rather than another animal in the house. Or better still, you can refer to them as your buddy.

Have you ever paused to imagine what your pet thinks of you? Many times, we regard pets as just pets, while they regard us as companions and housemates.
To design a home with pets in mind, you have to also see your pets as a housemate rather than just a pet.

Follow through as I take you through some tips on how to design a home with pets in mind:

Make A Room In Our Heart

Your heart is where your passion lies. The first thing you need to do before thinking of how big your pet’s room is going to be or what color you’re going to paint it is to firstly create a room for your pet in your heart.

You need to understand that as lovely as living with pets is, it can also be nerve-wracking at times, and this why you need to make a room for it in your heart to take what comes with it.

The Actual Room

When thinking of the actual room where your pets will spend most of their time, you should consider choosing glossy or semi-gloss paint of tile, which is always very easy to clean when stained.

You need to accept that your pets will mess the walls and floors up a lot of times; this is why you should choose flooring and wall options that are very easy to clean.

The Pet Station

Yes, your pet needs a pet station in the laundry room or wherever best suits you. You should include storage cabinets that are specifically for your pet’s treats, litter, brushes, toys, and other items.

Add pull-out bins for pet food and hooks for leashes. If you have space, you can add an elevated pet wash (elevated because that easier on your back), or a large sink with a spray handle for a quick rinse off muddy paws or for pet baths.

Flooring Options

When choosing the flooring option for your pet room and your entire home, be sure to choose durable, slip-resistant flooring such as luxury vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, concrete, stone or porcelain, or ceramic tiles.

The View Point

Pets love to have extended views and gazes of nature. When designing a home with pets in mind, you should design your house with at least one large window that your pet can sit on so as to behold the views of nature outside. Viewing nature keeps your pet refreshed and active.

Free Space

For pets to function optimally there has to be a free space for them. It is not ideal to keep your pet confined in one secluded space; free your pets and let them explore the whole house. And of course, make sure they know their limits so they don’t make a mess of your private area.

Carpeting Makes Your Home Quieter

Carpeting of course isn’t the ideal flooring for pets, but there are some benefits. It’s a non-slip surface that provides comfortable padding for your pets as they walk and nap.

And, in contrast to hard flooring, you won’t hear the footsteps of your pet walking on the carpet. So your home will be quieter. So you might want to put this option into consideration.

Make The Space As Comfortable As Your Space

It is very easy to undermine the necessity to make your pet’s space as comfortable as your space because we often get carried away by the fact that they are animals and we think they don’t need as much comfort as we do.

Ideally, you shouldn’t think this way towards your pet; if you want a pet; you need to be ready to stay selfless in your choices. So when building a home with your pet in mind, you should ensure that show pet’s space is as comfortable as your space.

Dealing With The Scratch

When dealing with pets, scratches are inevitable. If you have cats, get a cat-scratching post to discourage your cats from clawing on the carpet, furniture, and drapes. And place the post in the spot where your cat usually does his clawing. It saves you a whole lot of headaches.

The Multi-Bathroom Home

This is where we get to talk about your pet’s litter box and the. You need to have in mind that your pets are very attached to you and probably obsessed with you. They always want to be around you as much as they can so it is essential that you put this into consideration.

What you regard as a bathroom is your pet’s litter box and you need to provide your pet with more than one in your home. And providing is also not as important as knowing the right place to place them.

The best place to position them is usually the place you spend the most time in your home and also, the places where you know your pets spend most of their time. You need to strategically place the litter boxes so as ease your pet’s movement when they have to pass out a waste.

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