8 New Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

When considering a flooring option for your home or office space, it is better that you go for eco-friendly options that best suits you. Below is a list of eco-friendly options you can choose from:

Bamboo Charcoal

    You are probably wondering how the combination of bamboo and charcoal fits as a flooring option. This combination has been proven very sufficient for flooring. It is known for its resilient and recyclable material that supports sustainable living.

    Bamboo charcoal flooring option is slip-resistant; thereby it prevents you from any accidental falls. And it is 100 percent waterproof. Bamboo charcoal comes in different cool color swatches that invite you into its sophistication.


    Remember that last time you struggled to open that bottle of wine because the cork proved difficult, and you almost gave up?

    Do you remember what the texture of the cork was like? Do you remember the feeling it left on your palm? Cork is relatively new to the flooring world. It is usually seen on walls or in your favorite bottle of wine, but it is a great material for floors.

    Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree commonly found in the forests of the Mediterranean. Based on reviews from home builders, cork, like wood, can be finished in a variety of paints and stains to suit any color scheme or design style. Its durability allows for use in any part of your house. Cork floors, depending on the quality, can last between 10-30 years.


    Linoleum flooring is very close to vinyl; in fact, when linoleum is being mentioned, vinyl is the first thing that tends to come to your mind. Linoleum is created from a concoction of linseed oil, cork dust, tree resins, wood flour, pigments, and ground limestone.

    Linoleum stands out amongst other flooring options for its fire retardant and water-resistant properties, just like cork. Another amazing fact about Linoleum is that it has a long shelf life and will hold up to a lot of wear and tear.

Glass Tiles

    Would you not find it rather mesmerizing if you are being told that your recycled wine bottles and beer bottles are being converted into the gorgeous glass tiles you adore? This renewable source is fast becoming a fantastic option for floors as well as bathroom and kitchen walls.

    Glass has similar benefits to other eco-friendly materials. Glass tiles is non-absorptive and won’t mildew or mold in damp environments. Glass tiles are effortless to maintain, and for those who love colors, you can easily get different colors of your glass tiles; they come in various amazing fancy colors that give your home a colorful view.


    Concrete has been the traditional flooring option for centuries, and it still remains very relevant and up to date in flooring options. With the apparent trend in contemporary culture, concrete has added polishing to its properties, and it makes it look even more modern rather than archaic.

    Polished concrete is an unlikely sustainable material that is gaining in popularity. Concrete is typically slab on grade and used as a subflooring in some residential settings. If it is polished and tinted to the homeowners, taste, and style, there is no need for traditional flooring to be put over it. Concrete is extremely durable, easy to clean, and never needs to be replaced; it can last a lifetime if maintained properly.

Wool Carpet

    Undoubtedly, carpet won the hearts of many when it first joined the many choices of flooring options. To date, it still seems to be the most widely used flooring option in homes and offices, perhaps because of its durability and the fact that it is effortless to change.

    It is known that wool is a natural resource spun into a thread that can be dyed any color imaginable, and then be woven to create a carpet. It is very durable and adds a classy look to your home or office space.


    The only thing rubber reminds us of ordinarily is that it is used to make tires; which act as a tool that aids the automatic motion of vehicles. It is fantastic to know that rubber flooring is made from recycled tires. If you check out local gyms in your community, you will find that the rubber flooring option is what’s being used for the flooring.

    Also, rubber flooring is slowly finding its way into kitchens, sunrooms, and bathrooms as the best option. It is excellent to walk on and water-resistant. It also comes in many color and pattern options.


    Bamboo flooring is a wood-like flooring option. It is actually a grass that shares similar characteristics as hardwood.
    It is durable, easy to maintain and is easy to install.

    Bamboo is sustainable and made from natural vegetation. The amazing thing about the Bamboo flooring option is the fact that it allows you to customize it to the color of your taste. It is now widely used by a lot of homeowners and builders.

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