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Epoxy vs Polyurethane. What Is Better?

Introduction To Epoxy

I know before heading over the article, some of you must not be knowing that what does Epoxy means, so let us first have a look at Epoxy. It is known as the main product that you can found in epoxy resins.

If you were not aware of Epoxy, then you might have heard about epoxy resin for the first time, but you must have seen it being used at various places. The primary use of epoxy resin is for adhesive purposes. Although it cannot be used as a complete adhesive, some of the multiple products must be added to it to make it an adhesive.

The Use Of Epoxy

Let us have a look at the use of Epoxy in various type of places:

  • The first and most important use of epoxy resin is that it is used as an adhesive. You will notice that adhesives used for the production of cars, snowboards, bicycles, and many such things are epoxy resin or contains Epoxy in it.
  • The next use of Epoxy is in the production purpose of various electronic things such as insulators, generators, transformers, etc. Epoxy’s quality of being an excellent insulator makes it possible to be used in the electrical industry.
  • You will also notice that epoxy resin is being highly used for painting purposes in various industries. It offers a water-resistant quality with a protective layer on the appliance.
  • Epoxy is also used in solutions, which helps in preventing various objects from being corroded.
  • It is also used in glass production and at various places where glass is being repaired.


  • The first advantage of Epoxy is that it is very durable, because of which it is being used extensively for various purposes.
  • The next advantage of Epoxy is that it’s very easy to clean. No matter where you use it, you would be able to clean it with the help of a basic cleaning method.
  • The epoxy resins can be easily found in several colors and various high-quality designs.
  • There would be no effect of high heat and various chemicals on epoxy resin.
  • Damaging or getting a crack on it is almost impossible, this is because of the high durability of epoxy resin.
  • In some cases, Epoxy is even better than polyurethane.


  • There are, some particular usage method of epoxy resin, it can be highly dangerous if not used correctly.
  • Then the next disadvantage is that you cannot rush while using this epoxy resin.
  • There should be no moisture whenever you are using epoxy resin. Even a little amount of moisture can create great dangers.

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Introduction To Polyurethane

You might have seen the foam that is filled inside the cushions of your home? That foamy material is polyurethane. Although the use of polyurethane is not limited to the making of this foam.

The Use Of Polyurethane

Let us first have a look where polyurethane is used:

  • The first place where it is highly used, is as Flexible polyurethane foam. Flexible polyurethane foam products, would provide a cushioning effect.
  • Not only flexible or soft foam, if you have ever seen hard and rigid foams, they are also commonly made out of polyurethane.
  • The next most significant usage of polyurethane is, it’s used for various types of coatings, which helps in providing a better lifespan for different kinds of products.
  • It is commonly used as adhesives. This is because of polyurethane’s high adhesive properties.
  • It is also used in the production of various things such as footwear and many such things.


  • The first advantage of polyurethane is that it provides us softer foam which is being used for the production of various types of furniture and other such products.
  • Because of its foam making properties, it is extensively used as it offers high comfort.
  • The next advantage of polyurethane is that it provides an excellent finish and protects the surface of the object where it is used.
  • Polyurethane can be easily installed, so which helps in saving a lot of time.
  • The maintenance of polyurethane foam is deficient, and it is very long-lasting.
  • This is also easily renewable.


  • The first and most significant disadvantage of the usage of polyurethane as the foam is that it emits various chemicals, which are highly dangerous. Respiratory problem is one of the most harmful issues that one can catch with these emitted chemicals.
  • The next disadvantage is that the cost of polyurethane foam is very high, as compared to other such products. If you don’t have a strong reason to buy polyurethane product, then you should go for other material products as you would be able to get the same or decent quality with those.

Is Epoxy Or Polyurethane Toxic For Us?

Let us discuss both the products one by one:

  • Epoxy- If you are using the purest form of epoxy resins then you can say that it is not at all toxic, or if you ever faced any risk with it that would some minimal ingestion risk only. Even if you by mistake inhaled Epoxy then also there will be no problem.
  • Polyurethane- Yes, Polyurethane is toxic as it produces a different type of respiratory problems. We have also discussed above that even the polyurethane foam emits chemicals that are very harmful to us and produce various issues.
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