Ethanol & Electric Fireplaces – Everything You Need To Know

When thinking about the ideal fireplace for your home, ethanol and electric fireplaces are really great options. They are both excellent options because they do not demand either vent or flue.

This has resulted in both fires been very simple to utilize in your home. But a difficulty you may encounter is knowing which exact models to select.

This article will be helping you with detailed insight into the pros and cons of both fireplaces.

All About Ethanol Fireplaces

You can read through this breakdown for those who are unaware of what an ethanol fireplace is and how it functions. The ethanol fireplace is a product that does not demand vent or flue because it has a fuel bio-ethanol.

Most homeowners are highly delighted with this variety due to its actual dancing flames that glow lovingly on the burner. A large portion of its fuel lasts for a peak of two to three hours.

Basically, it generates a perfect amount of heat, and instantly adds the feeling of vibrancy to every room. It is referred to as the modern-day furnace. Ethanol Fireplaces do not need chimneys as it does not generate smoke and debris like the regular fireplace.

Ethanol fireplaces do not generate harmful fumes and are highly safe to make use of in the home.

It is easy to install, and you can make use of it without any cosmetic overhaul in your interiors because of its vent-less feature. There is no ash, no debris, and no smoke.

Homeowner will be able to save up on their utility bills with ethanol fireplaces. This is mainly because it does not make use of electric sockets to be plugged into before it comes on. The heat it generates can warm up the average sized room.

Additionally, a hundred percent of its heat moves straight up into the area, and it is quite safe for highly sustainable, eco-friendly homes.

Advantages Of Ethanol Fireplaces

On a general note, ethanol fireplaces have some great advantages over electric fireplaces, and they include:

  • Their flames are genuine and authentic
  • There is no harmful particles or fumes
  • There is no soot smoke ash
  • It does not demand the use of any electric sockets
  • It generates an ideal heat volume

Disadvantages Of Ethanol Fireplaces

Every advantage has a disadvantage. As for ethanol fireplaces, its disadvantages include:

  • It consumes little oxygen
  • It is much more expensive to operate than the electric fireplace because it uses ethanol-based alcohol
  • Ethanol fire does not burn without generating heat

All in all, the most vital selling point of the ethanol fireplace is its genuine flames and the heat generated. Meanwhile, if you do not need the heat, the issue can be resolved by installing a fan or opening your window.

Is An Electric Fireplace Different?

The electric fireplace is a fireplace that is plugged into an electrical socket as its name suggests. The heat is generated by a fan that can easily be turned off and on.

Basically, it can be operated easily. It is a regular heater utilized without any gas or fuel, it will generate the exact amount of heat you need.

However, it does not generate any real flame, unlike the ethanol fireplace. Still, its screen creates a flame effect that amazingly imitates that of the actual flames. Its primary benefit is that it is highly safe to use, even in homes with pets and kids.

Also, because it is operated electrically, the electric fireplace is affordable to make use of. It can be a backup heating device that majorly runs with the house’s in-built heater.

Its installation is simple, and you can build a unit to set it up on your wall or a flat surface. Once it is plugged in, you are considered good to go.

You will have no cause to experience soot or smoke with this fireplace. It aids in decreasing the dangers associated with lighting a burner as it has no genuine flames. There is no cause for an igniting anything.

Advantages Of Electric Fireplace

Some of the major reasons why you will need to purchase this electric fireplace over the ethanol fireplace include:

  • It is very simple to set up
  • The heat is highly adjustable
  • It has no smoke or soot, i.e., it is vent-less
  • Since no genuine flames, then no danger

Disadvantages Of Electric Fireplace

The disadvantages of an electric fireplace include:

  • Without electricity, it cannot be operated
  • It will never give you the feeling that a real flame can provide

Overall, the most prominent advantage electric fireplaces have over ethanol fireplaces is that it is much more affordable.

Converting Old Fashion Fireplace To An Electric Fireplace

The olden days’ wood-burning fireplace can be converted to an electric fireplace in some quick and easy steps. All that you need to do include:

  • Measure the opening of the fireplace at the front, i.e., the width and height as well as the opening’s nine and twelve inches. All these will cover the electric fireplace insert options.
  • Next is to review the electric insert options that are available and note the flames you will prefer and the size that will fit the opening.
  • Note that an electric insert that has been structured for retrofitting into an open space with not come with a glass frame.
  • Grab a 120-volt electrical outlet into the opening of the fireplace. It can be done by either pulling out a new line from an outlet in the same room or by pulling one from the electrical panel.
  • Finally, you can now shut the flue and plug in the new electric insert and enjoy the ambiance it brings.

Which kind of fireplace is better for you?

This article aims to give you a detailed insight into the two prominently known fireplaces. It is solely up to you to skim through the notes and make your choice. However, purchase the electric fireplace if you prefer real flame; on the other hand, you can select the ethanol fireplace if you need heat and genuine flames.

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