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When building a house, we have to admit that most times, ceilings are simply the most neglected part of the whole construction process. All we know is that there should be a roof over our heads.

However, there are ways that ceilings can actually add beauty to our rooms. A modern-day trend for interior decoration lately is the false ceiling. It has attained so many tractions among owners of homes as well as buyers.

What Is False Ceiling?

For those who may be hearing of this for the time, false ceilings are artificial ceilings that are built as a lowered extension of a ceiling that is already in existence. They are often times referred to as:

  • T-bar ceiling
  • Grid or suspended ceiling
  • A dropped ceiling, etc.

At first, they were initially made use of in commercial constructions. So, the gap between the false ceiling and the actual ceiling was utilized to install air-conditioning vents and lighting as well.

But, over time, designs got advanced and false ceilings are now a part of interior design essentials. They are regularly used when new homes are being constructed. The ceiling designs are a way of adding extra sophistication to our homes.

As for the commercial form, it fully blocked the actual existing ceiling of the building by making use of gypsum board or even steel panels in houses. Moreover, a much better-designed form was the use of POP: plaster of Paris.

However, false ceilings have been designed in various height and shapes over time, and its artistic look adds amazingly to the décor of the home.

Why Install False Ceiling?

If you are on the verge of deciding if to install or not to install false ceilings, here is why you should actually make a move to install. It includes:

  • Those with high ceilings already in their homes can add to its décor as it allows one to play with lighting. The ceiling adds depth to a room as it showcases the gap between the lowered and high ceiling
  • It helps to hide the wiring that you initially used in the installation of light in the existing ceiling
  • Installing false ceilings will add to the beauty and you can get interesting carvings on the high ceilings will the aid of POP


Pros And Cons Of False Ceiling

We will do no justice if we do not include the advantages and disadvantages of making use of a false ceiling.

The advantages include:

  • It is simple to install with the aid of the ideal type tools. While you can actually do it yourself, it is advisable to get it done by an expert
  • It is simple to reassemble the panels of false ceilings should there be a repair work to be carried out? /li>
  • It takes on a major role in sound absorption as well as acoustics. It is created in a way that it adds to the reduction of noise and makes the space quiet
  • It is economical than getting the whole ceiling renovated in cases of damage since they are easily removable

As for its disadvantages, they include:

  • It demands maintenance frequently and does not actually have a long life span. It could start sagging, and the ceiling can get stained after frequent usage for a couple of years
  • They are not as sturdy as the regular ceilings we know. In cases of earthquakes, they may be unstable, and the installed fixtures may likely fall off

To Sum It Up

False Ceilings are great to have in your home at the end of the day. They have proven themselves to be energy efficient as they help reduce heat in times of cold during winter and even summer. Thus, it helps in reducing your electric bills.

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