What Is Feng Shui Bagua? Everything You Need To Know

Bagua or Pa Kua refers to the eight symbols commonly used in the Taoist Cosmology to depict the fundamental philosophies of realism, represented by a range of eight unified concepts. Each bagua consists of three lines, which are either unbroken or broken, representing yang or yin. The three lines are often referred to as Eight Trigrams because of their triple nature.

Bagua (八卦) is essential too in feng shui (風水). The two Bagua used in feng shui is the Earlier Heaven Bagua that is mainly used in the burial sites and the Later Heaven Bagua used for homes and other residential.

When we understand the Bagua, we will be able to properly redirect the flow of qi (氣) to focus on the things we crave or need to improve and prosper by increasing the positive energy and correct the negative ones. When appropriately used, Bagua can help anyone achieve their life goals and have a powerful and positive impact on his life.

The 8 Trigrams

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The 8 trigrams associated with Bagua represent the basic principles of reality. Here are the eight trigrams in Bagua:

  • Fame and Reputation
  • Wealth and Prosperity
  • Family and Community
  • Love and Relationship
  • Helpful People and Travel
  • Creativity and Children
  • Career and Life Mission
  • Wisdom and Knowledge

Bagua means “eight areas” in English. The areas represent the most critical aspects of one’s life.

Two Bagua Styles

There are two different ways used to define the Bagua of a place. These two ways are often referred to as feng shui school style. The two styles are the Traditional feng shui or Classical feng shui school bagua, and the Western feng shui school Bagua, or BTB.

While both styles are good, it is advisable not to use both of them in trying to define a Bagua of your place, as this may lead to the creation of frustration and confusion and will not find the right Bagua.

Either of the two Bagua styles can yield the desired results, so it is up to you to pick the one that appeals to you the most.

Let’s try and see the differences in the two Bagua styles.

    The classical or traditional Feng Shui School is responsible for the Classical Bagua. In this Bagua, your home will be defined based on the compass directions starting from your first your main entrance.

    The BTB come to be after feng shui migrated to the Western world in the 80s. The man responsible for it is the feng shui expert Master Lin Yun. BTB Bagua is easier to apply than its counterpart, Classical Bagua. Just like, Classical Bagua, this also defines the Bagua areas of your home starting from the main door, but it doesn’t use the compass directions.

    Nevertheless, the Bagua map used in BTB is still the ancient map based on the Later Heaven Bagua.
    To use the BTB Bagua style, align the bottom part of the Bagua map with the front door wall of your house or office, so the front door is in one of the three lower rows of the map.

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Feng Shui Bagua Colors

The Elements And Their Colors

    When using feng shui colors in your home or office, you are performing a strong and powerful feng shui cures that will change the touch and feel of your surroundings. Some feng shui experts even have gone as far as claiming that color trumps the energy associated with the five elements of feng shui.

    According to the Bagua map, the following are colors, directions, and elements of Bagua that can help you apply the right color to your space.

    Let’s look at the Bagua colors, elements, and directions.

The Career Gua

    This is represented by the colors black, and dark blue, and the direction and water element. Remember, you can activate the energy in this area by using paintings or water or any item that resembles water, and not necessarily the colors.

The Knowledge and Self-cultivation Gua

    Is enhanced bay colors green, blue, and black.

The Family and Health Gua

    It is associated with green and blue colors and is linked to the element of wood and east direction.

The Wealth and Prosperity Gua

    It can be activated by the color red, purple, blue, and green.

The Fame and Reputation Gua

    It is activated by using the color red and is related to the element of fire and south direction.

The Love and Marriage Gua

    Are nourished by the colors red, pink, and white.

Children and Creativity Gua

    Are enlivened by white and pastels and is associated with the element of metal and west direction.

The Travel and Helpful People Gua

    It can be activated with the colors black, gray, and white.

The Center Gua

    It is activated by the colors yellow, brown, and earthy shades and orange and is linked with the earth element.


Feng Shui Color Tips

Color Green

    It is suitable for providing balance and enhancing good health when applied in the eastern areas of the house.

Blue Color

    It is an excellent choice for your north areas of the house to enliven the energy for your career growth and development, or the east wall to support the energy of your family health and balance, as well as the southeast areas to nourish the wealth and money energy.

Yellow Color

    In the southern areas of the house for happy guests and great times.

Pure White Color

    In the western areas of your house to support creativity and children’s energy.

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror Usage mirror table lamp

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror Usage

The feng shui Bagua mirror is a round mirror with an octagonal frame decorated with feng shui design colors.

The mirror is further divided to cover the two feng shui Bagua Early Heaven and Later Heaven Bagus.

Early Heaven Bagua

    The Early Heaven Bagua mirror contains the three uninterrupted lines on its surface (yang energy). The lines on top of the Bagua mirror are the Chi’en trigram representing heaven. The Early Heaven Bagua mirrors are often used above doors to offer feng shui protection.

Later Heaven Bagua

    On the other hand, the Later Heaven Bagua mirror has the Li trigram on its surface, which represents an interrupted (yin energy) line running in between the two uninterrupted lines. The Li trigram represents fire. He Later Heaven Bagua sequence is mainly used for defining Bagua areas of any space.

    Bagua mirrors come in concave and convex styles for a variety of ways to manipulate those outside negative energies. They are also designed in numerous sizes, with the average being between four and six inches.

Metal-Shaped Frame

    There are other types of Bagua mirrors with a metal-shaped frame. The metal-shaped framed mirrors are often placed in areas associated with metal element on the outside of a house of business.


    Bagua mirrors are used as feng shui cures to offer protection to the positive feng shui energies in our homes. However, many people misuse this powerful feng shui tool by decorating it in their spaces such as the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

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Uses Of A Bagua Mirror

The rule of the feng shui mirror is never use it indoors. The second rule using the feng shui mirror is, use only if there is bad feng shui energy (Sha Chi or Si Chi) threatening your home or business. These rules are not just made up by us; they are feng shui rules of using the feng shui mirrors.

From the rules, we can see that the feng shui mirrors are not décor items, and should only be used when you need subtle protection of your home or business from harmful negative energy (Sha Chi). The energy could be coming from the sharp objects or attacking structures pointing at you or coming from your neighbors.

Above The Main Door

    The feng shui mirror is traditionally placed above the main door or a big window facing unknown outside energies.

    Another point to note is that Bagua mirrors do not have any super or mighty powers, thus not activate by peas or fears.

    The primary use of a feng shui mirror is to redirect energy, mostly lousy energy.

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Feng Shui Bagua Compass

Right Compass Reading

When it comes to the best way to read the feng shui compass, one has to iron out the fundamental confusions such as:

  • Should you take the reading from the front door or the back door?
  • Should the door be close when taking the reading or open?
  • Do you need geographic north or magnetic north?
  • Can you use a regular compass to take the reading?

Let’s start with the first concern.

Front door vs. back door

    Feng shui requires only the compass reading of your front door and not your back door. The front door is the major area of feng shui as it represents the entry which the energy uses to come into our house. The back door can be used when placing feng shui cures, which does not require any compass directions.

    Use the main door or the main entrance to your house, not a side door, garage door, or even the door you use most often.

Magnetic north vs. geographic north

    For feng shui practices, you need the magnetic north or your front door. The geographic north or the true north is the literal location of the North Pole, while the magnetic north is the compass reading as a result of the north-south magnetic field of the earth.

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The Type Of Compass To Use

Since you need just the basic reading or your front door, a standard compass will do the job. You can also use the Lo-Pan compass if you can access it. It is an ancient Chinese compass designed to identify the Bagua areas of a particular home as well as the more in-depth information about feng shui.

The type of compass to use should not worry you. In fact, you can use the compass app on your phone to find the north direction of your front door.

Feng Shui Bagua Bedroom

The bedroom is an important room in feng shui. The quality of energy in this room will determine the feng shui in the entire house.

East Bagua bedroom

    To decorate the east Bagua bedroom, you need to familiarize yourself with the subtle guidelines of feng shui. You also need to work with the requirements of the five feng shui elements.

West Bagua bedroom

    This bedroom is easier to decorate than the bedroom in the east. This Bagua needs you to address the earth element as well as the metal element.

North Bagua bedroom

    North Bagua bedroom is as challenging to decorate as the east Bagua bedroom.

South Bagua bedroom

    Just as easy to decorate as the west Bagua bedroom. It is linked to both earth and fire elements.

Feng shui bagua office

After mapping your office Bagua, ensure you focus on the following:

Business growth

    Enhance this area with team photos, vertical items like floor lamps, and botanical prints.

Business prosperity

    Pace items that portray the prosperity of your business, and things you are grateful about.

Key business relationship

    Enhance this area with your contacts and partnership files, as well as objects symbolizing working relationships.
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