The Best Feng Shui Bed Placements – Everything You Need To Know

Most of us sleep for almost 8 hours a day, and that makes a bedroom a very special space in the feng shui layout, especially the bed. We replenish our energies, spend time with our loved ones, and clear our minds on the bed. When you sleep, your body in the ‘Yin’ state of feng shui and your bed placement affects your conscious and unconscious states of mind.

In fact, the placement of the bed in feng shui is so important that most experts advise that if you are new to feng shui, the best thing to do first is to place your bed in the right placement. The optimum solution to the placements is actually done according to the layout of the bedroom, the doors connecting to it, and, the adjoining rooms.

Here is how to place your bed

Let us look at a few tips to consider while placing your bed as per feng shui.

Commanding Position feng shui

As per feng shui, the most common way of placing your bed is by using the principle of the ‘Commanding Position.’ The most excellent position is to place your bed in such a way that when you are lying down, you should be able to see the bedroom entrance door. However, it is also important that you should not be directly aligned to the door. It is better if the bed can be positioned diagonally to the door or against the bedroom’s main wall.

Points to consider for the Commanding Position

Drainage or gas pipes should not run through the wall where the bed is kept. As per feng shui, the flow of water might cause dissonance in the “Chi,” but practically, you do not want the gurgling water sounds to disturb your sleep.

Placing your bed on the same wall as the door is usually not ideal for feng shui. It inculcates a sense of fear like someone might suddenly surprise you from behind.

The bed’s headboard is always a plus and can also be used as feng shui cures depending on their designs, colors, patterns, and shapes.

Bed layout with relation to the Door positions

The commanding position for the bed layout is considered to be the best location as per feng shui. However, few other guidelines should be taken into consideration while placing your bed concerning the doors in the bedroom.

As mentioned earlier, the best position of the bed is where you have direct sight to the entrance door while lying down and making sure that it is not aligned directly.

Another important principle is that the entrance door should not directly open onto any part of your bed. Especially the entrance door since the flow of “Chi” is very strong in the space. As per feng shui, if the door opens aligned to your head, you may get headaches, and similarly, if it aligns to the foot, you may have feet pains.

Suppose you consider the psychological aspect of the layout. In that case, humans have a tendency to sleep in a secure position. Our subconscious drives us toward wanting to have a safe distance from the unsafe. Opening spaces such as doors and windows have open visibility to your space, thus creating an unsafe visual.

Points to consider for the Bed Layout concerning Door position

  • Avoid placing your bed directly aligned to the door opening.
  • Positioning the bed against the diagonal wall to the door is the most recommended location.
  • Your feet should not point directly to the door. In feng shui, it is commonly called as the coffin position.
  • Do not place your bed’s headboard against the window wall. This placement is also known as the floating position. It may expose you to random and potentially disturbing “Chi” passing through the window. If you have no choice, hang heavy drapes on the windows and keep them closed while you sleep.
  • Another place where the headboard should not be placed is on the wall of the toilet.

feng shui Bed Placement Small Room

  • If your beds are directly aligned to the door, you need to create positive and protective energies around the space. This can be easily done by adding simple décor objects between your bed and door.
  • Mirrors can be used to see the reflection of the door. This cure makes your bed placement in the commanding position.
  • Place a night table with a lamp and other décor items to add protecting energies around the bed.
  • If your bedroom is too small, include a free-standing screen that suits your room’s décor.
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