Feng Shui Your Bedroom Like An Expert – 18 Tips

According to feng shui, a good bedroom enhances a harmonious flow of nourishing, vitality, and sensual energy.

To practice real feng shui, you need to be thoughtful about how you decorate your bedroom because it is one of the baguas of feng shui. It is where you rest, and in philosophy, an adequate amount of sleep is vital to your health and general well-being.

Arranging your bedroom to allow positive energy to flow in is very important, especially if you share it with a partner of a spouse, as it will strengthen your bond and attract love.

While many designers will advise you to color your bedroom with the colors you wear the most, black color in your bedroom walls does not sound right.

Thankfully to feng shui, we have solid tips to share with you on the best colors to decorate your bedroom with better well-being.

Choosing colors for your bedroom is an art. The colors you select will depend on the energy map of your room. You can decide on colors based on the generally accepted feng shui bedroom colors, which are mostly skin tones. You can also choose colors according to your feng shui birth element.

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Steps To Find Best Colors For Your Bedroom

Here are steps to follow to find the best colors for your feng shui bedroom.

Map up the energy flow of your home

    The first step is to define the feng shui energy or Bagua of your home or space, and you will see which the best bedroom colors are for you.

    The energy flow map of your home will determine the colors for specific areas; in fact, you need to define the energy map to discover where your bedroom should be.

Use the perfect colors for your feng shui energy

    According to feng shui, some colors support your energy as well as colors that weaken it. For this reason, it is important to know the specific colors that nurture your personal feng shui birth element and those that weaken you.

    For example, if your birth element is fire, then the colors that nourish your energy are predominantly red, pink, and so on. If this is the case, you should paint your bedroom walls with these colors.

Choose a range of skin tone colors for your bedroom

    This requires you to include a couple of decoration items in skin color tones to have earthy, warm, nurturing energy needed during bedtime.

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Bedroom Colors Guide

Below is the feng shui bedroom color guide:

East area bedroom colors

    The east area of the home is known in feng shui as the health and family Bagua area. When you place your bedroom in this location, you will be spoilt in color choices.

    This is because, according to feng shui, the colors are chosen based on the 5 feng shui elements, and when it comes to the east side of the bedroom, there is a maximum of 3 elements that bring positive energy.

    These elements are wood, earth, and water. This means the available colors for you are tones of green and brown – wooden element, a range of earthy colors – earth element, and colors black and blue – water element.

Southeast area of bedroom colors

    You can have the same colors as the eastside bedroom in the southeast because both areas share the same feng shui elements, thus green and brown for the element of wood, earthy shades for the earth element, and blue and black for the water element.

    The southeast area of your home is strongly linked to the energy of abundance, therefore, try decorating it to attract wealth energy into your life. Select from the variety of feng shui shades of wealth and go with the one that fits your bedroom decoration seamlessly.

South area bedroom

    The area in the south of your home is strongly connected to the feng shui energy of reputation and fame. Therefore, the element that needs to be natured and supported in this area is the feng shui element of fire.

    The colors associated with the fire element include red, orange, pink, magenta, purple, and yellow, as well as wooden element colors of brown and green.

Southwest area bedroom

    This side of the house is easy to decorate with feng shui colors. The southwest is connected to the energy of marriage and love, so any decoration and art that portrays love and romance are perfect for your bedroom. In feng shui, the energy in the southwest area of the house is nourished by visual depictions of love energy.

    If you need colors, the earth and fire element colors will do wonders for you, so select among (or all) the following: red, purple, orange, yellow, magenta, pink, as well as any or all of the earthy shades.

West area bedroom

    The west area is connected to feng shui energy of creativity and children, and therefore, the recommended colors are grey and white and some shades of earthy tones. The reason for the grey and white colors is because the feng shui element of this area is metal, and the two are colors that express the element.

Northwest area bedroom

    The colors here are the same as the west area because they are both represented by the same element of metal.

North area bedroom

    This is perhaps the most challenging area to decorate your bedroom as far as feng shui is concerned. The element expressed in this area is water, and the strengthening colors are blue and black, which are not the best bedroom colors.

    Nevertheless, it is still impossible to decorate your bedroom without creating a lonely feeling. You can also choose the metal element colors because metal supports water in feng shui.

Northeast area bedroom

    The northeast area of your house is connected to your spiritual growth and cultivation and is represented by the feng shui element of earth. Therefore, the best colors available for you in the northeast are the earthy colors, as well as the fire element colors, which are red, purple, orange, pink, yellow, and magenta.

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Feng Shui Bed Arrangement Tips

After you have selected the right colors for your bedroom, it is now time to feng shui it the right way. This includes direction, layouts, and rules.

You can benefit significantly by juts positioning your bed in the right feng shui location of your bedroom. This needs proper planning and understanding of the philosophy that goes into place. With so much at stake, there is no room for guesswork.

Here are some tips when arranging good feng shui bedroom:

  • The bed should not be too close to the door
  • The bed should not be facing door or windows directly
  • The bed in the bedroom should be leaning against the solid wall
  • The lighting in the room is not suitable for being placed above the bed
  • The mirror should not be facing the bed directly
  • Should avoid placing the bed right under the structural beam

Bedroom Decoration Do and Don’t

Here are some of the feng shui rules you can follow when decorating your bedroom.

No computer, TV, work-related or exercise equipment

    Your bedroom should be free of computers, TV, exercise equipment, and anything that relates to work. Your bedroom is a place for rest, and it shouldn’t have any distractions, remember adequate rest equals good health, which is one of the major aims of feng shui.

    These items are known to destroy energy when they are present in your bedroom. They create high EMFs, which are a threat to your health, as well as bringing the energy of stress, work, and many other distractions and unfavorable news to your relationship, either with your loved ones or yourself.

Lots of quality air in your bedroom

    The air in your bedroom should always be fresh. Open your windows to let fresh, and quality air in, or you can use air-purifier to keep your bedroom full of fresh oxygen.

No Plants

    Plants in the bedroom are not good for feng shui, plants release carbon dioxide during the night than they absorb, so they are not recommended.

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Feng Shui Bed Guidelines

Bed location

    Your bedroom should be positioned against the wall so that it does not block your path. Remember the importance of decluttering your pathway in your home? It also includes the path in your bedroom.

Solid headboards

    In feng shui, your head needs to rest on the proper back support, so go for the upholstered headboards or the ones made of solid parawood.

No clutter

    Objects block the flow of feng shui energy, thus disturbing sleep as well as inviting negative energy to an individual in that room. Try as much as you can to keep your bedroom clutter-free.

    Avoid adding pieces of furniture that you do not need in your bedroom. If at all you need furniture, the philosophy suggests you get ones with round edges, especially tables.


    Symmetry brings balance as well as increases relationship energy. To achieve symmetry in feng shui, consider using the same bedside furniture on both sides of the bed.

Scented candles

    In your minimalist bedroom, consider adding scented candles, especially ones colored with the element of fire.

kids bedroom

    Being a child’s room, it will tend to clutter now and then, and it is up to you to ensure it is clean all the time. Just like your bedroom, your child’s room should also not contain any gadgets such as TV and computers. The bed should also be positioned in the commanding location.

Dimmable Lighting

    Dim lights create a calming and relaxing qi.

Artwork And Paintings

    The aim of having a piece of art in your room is that it gives you positive energy when you look at it. In feng shui, the art is supposed to be positioned opposite your bed so that you can see it when you are in bed. Don’t hang artwork above the headboard.

Grey blanket on pink bed with headboard in pastel bedroom interi

Should I Put Plants In My Bedroom ?

As much as we all love houseplants, the bedroom is no place for them according to the guidelines of feng shui. The primary purposes of the bedroom are sleep, but with the presence of a plant, you will not be able to achieve these purposes.

Plants in the bedroom bring bad feng shui, so they are not recommended.

Plants usually carry strong and vibrant energy that is connected to growth; however, the energy –yang energy, is not recommended for bedroom by feng shui.

“Since plants are active and represent growth, they may not be great for such a passive, restful, quiet room,” states a feng shui master Dana Claudat.


    Scientifically, plants release carbon dioxide during the night than they absorb. The high level of this gas in your bloodstream affects your concentration and causes sleepiness.

    While this sounds like a great way to fall asleep quickly, your blood may accumulate a high concentration of carbon dioxide to an abnormal level. In response, your body raises your breathing rate to access more oxygen.

    As a result, you will experience short, quick breaths as well as small gasps and head tossing, and thus disrupting your sleep.

Small Plants

    However, it does not mean you can’t wholly have plants in your bedroom. If you have a large bedroom, you can have a small or medium-sized houseplant in the far corner of your bedroom. The most suitable plants, in this case, are the peace lilies, spider plants, and Boston ferns.

    As we have covered in the feng shui bedroom colors, there are plenty of ways you can add the earth magic into your bedroom. If the colors are not enough, consider getting an organic cotton sheet, a bouquet, or adding a pink salt lamp to produce that warm coral glow.

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