Finding The Feng Shui Command Position – Here Is How

Feng Shui Command Position Or Feng Shui Power Position

    If you are reading this, you probably are not new to feng shui and its benefits. Feng shui uses a Command Position principle to help you take control of your life and feel secure in your home or workspace.

What is the Command Position?

    A Command Position or feng shui power position in feng shui is simply a position of a room that places you in the best position to deal with whatever life throws at you. When you are in your command position in any space, you can see the door clearly.

    Command Position is also sometimes called armchair position. In deep meaning, a command position is a layout that allows you to rest, whether lying down in bed or sitting in a chair, in a powerful position with chi working for you rather than against.

What’s the common ways to identify command position?

    The most common reason for identifying a command position at home is positioning beds in the bedroom and placement of sofas in the living room.

    Nevertheless, a commanding position can also be applied for other things apart from the positioning of sofas and beds at home, such as positioning of feng shui symbols, including the gods of wealth and the wealth vase.

When the command position is not the way

    Sometimes the space layout might not allow for the feng shui command position. According to feng shui, the bedroom door should never face the bed.

    If you place the bed somewhere else, you will be sleeping in an unlucky space or direction according to your Kua number. If you find yourself in this situation, you should place your bed in your lucky or ‘auspicious’ areas.

    Keep in mind that the feng shui command positions are ideal positions for you to place your bed, sofa, or desk. However, if you are unable to meet the criteria, it will still be a better position, probably better than nothing. So don’t fret if the circumstances don’t allow you to set up an ideal command position.

how to find the command position in cafe feng shui

How to find your feng shui command position?

In the office

    Just as your sofa and bed are the most essential pieces of furniture in your home, your office desk is also as important. The way you position it can play a critical role in the success of your business and your finances in general. You must place your desk in the command position.

In bedroom

    The bedroom is the most important room in your home, and of all the rooms, it is where you most vulnerable. When you place your bed in a command position, you reduce your vulnerability significantly.

    Like your office desk, your bed should also be placed in a position that allows you to see the door. Psychologically, it is hard to relax with your back to the door, and you will be in a constant “fight or flight” mode.

    Your stress hormones will be at work, leaving you unable to fully recover and restore your body during sleep. The command position of your bedroom is diagonal across the room.

    Feng shui energy flows through your home like blood veins, and since in nature there are no straight lines, the chai can be harmful to you and your family if made to go in straight lines.

    Having your bed in line with the door will cause a lot of distractions and make the flowing energy to forcefully hit your body, must avoid this arrangement.

    Place the headboard along a solid wall to provide security and support.

In the living room

    The living room is also one of the most important rooms in feng shui. It is the common room of the house where the family gathers to enjoy entertainment. It is also the room where you welcome visitors and friends. A feng shui living room should have at least a fireplace with the finest furnishing, accessories, and artwork.

    Find the command position of your living room, you should explore the room, and establish which location offers a full view of the main door to the room if you were sitting on the couch or sofa. You should be mindful not to choose an area that will block the flow of energy from passing through the room.

    Avoid placing your sofa in front of a large window. This will create a sense of vulnerability, putting yourself and your family in full view from the world outside.

feng shui command position how to find ?

Placing furniture in the feng shui command position comes with many benefits.

    In feng shui, a command position is always the same for any room of the house. Any place that is farthest from the door, not in a direct line with the door, has a good view of the door, and has strong backing or support behind you is a command position.

How to place the sofa?

    The sofa, being the largest piece of furniture in your room, should be placed at this command position to help you take control of your life.

    While the sofa or any other furniture in your room shouldn’t face the door directly, it should be placed so that you can have a clear view of the door. This way, you will position yourself to receive all the many good fortunes the universe offers you.

Desk placement?

    It will be difficult for you to manifest your strongest desires when your back is against the world, which is like turning your back to countless possibilities. You can never live in the moment and make mindful life choices if you are always glancing over your shoulder at what is behind you.

So how do you find a feng shui command position for your office desk?

    Your desk’s command position is located diagonally across from the main door, with your back facing a solid wall and giving you a clear, uninterrupted view of the room.

    In feng shui, visual control over your workspace gives you a much greater degree of actual control over your work life.

    A correctly placed desk will put you in charge of your business life and let you identify and invite in new, potential business opportunities. It will also put you at ease at work and place you in your office’s business relationship or wealth Bagua sector.

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