Discover The 4 Mysterious Feng Shui Constellations

The most common gods in feng shui are Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Vermilion Bird.
The four gods sit in specific locations. The northern mountains are inhabited by the Black Tortoise or Xuanwu, the south is occupied by the Vermilion Bird, the god of the east is the Azure Dragon – the cyan, and the White Tiger (golden) rules the west.

The four gods are considered the guardians of positive feng shui in a home or workplace.

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Azure Dragon

The Azure Dragon is sometimes referred to as Green Dragon, Bluegreen Dragon or Blue Green. It is among the revered Dragon Gods with chthonic forces of the Five Forms of the Highest Deity.

Being the god of the eastside, Azure Dragon is associated with wealth and health in feng shui and is represented by the wood element.

So to activate this sector, you must place the Azure Dragon in the east directions of your house.
Plants can also work well in these directions to activate good health and lots of wealth.

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Black Tortoise

The Black Tortoise resides in the north, the area which is associated with career luck in feng shui. To activate this energy, use water, such as paintings of water (calm waters), an aquarium, or a fountain.

After activating the divine feng shui energies, you can use the Black Tortoise to protect the energies as well as an energy strengthening cure. To achieve this, place the Black Tortoise in the back of your house or behind your back in the office. For outdoors, the tortoise can be placed in the back of your garden.

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White Tiger

In feng shui, the White Tiger is usually partly inauspicious and believed to bring bad luck, especially when gambling. However, it is still used in feng shui to relate to enhancements of positive feng shui energy or as one of the feng shui cures. The White Tiger is the most yin of all the animals associated with feng shui.

If your house in the east, the Green Dragon should be placed on a higher ground than the White Tiger, and the two gods should embrace each other. This, according to feng shui masters, will bring lots of fortunes to your home.
White Tiger is the gods of the west, and it offers a lot of protection to the house. This location needs to be activated to increase the bonds within the family.

The west is also considered children’s luck, and if activated, it can help those having problems conceiving.
To activate and protect these energies, you need to place the White Tiger god in the western areas of your room.

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Vermilion Bird

Vermilion Bird or red phoenix is the most famous feng shui bird that resides in the south. The Vermilion Bird is often paired with the Green Dragon to enhance marital happiness.

The bird has yang energy on its own, but when paired with the dragon, it represents female or yin energies.
The bird is associated with the fire element and the southern areas of the house.

The best place to put the bird is the front of the house or the main entrance because the best feng shui houses are the ones that face south.

Location Of 4 Constellations In Feng Shui

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