How To Perfect A Dining Room With Feng Shui ?

In feng shui, your home as a whole is considered a body, and the dining room is considered the heart of the layout. This is because the dining room is one of the most important parts of our homes. In this place, family and friends gather to eat and socially connect, interact, and make bonds of comfort and joy.

Your aim is to bring harmony with the energy surrounding the space and the people living in it. A good feng shui dining room brings consensus tranquility, arouses hunger, and strengthens the emotional bonds between family and friends who dine there together. These bonds have a positive impact on your psychology and eventually also attract wealth, prosperity, and peace.

Feng Shui your dining to perfection

Follow the below tips to make a great feng shui dining room.

Be inviting and comfortable

Your dining room should be inviting and comfortable. Cramped up and littered spaces are the worst parts of the house. They invite negative energy and create an imbalance in your spirituality and the layout of the whole house.

This especially applies to your dining room. Get rid of children’s toys, laundry clothes, broken utensils, and other unnecessary objects from the dining space.

Proper sunlight

Try to make the dining room more ventilated with a proper inlet of sunlight. This is important for the flow of positive energy ‘chi’ across the room.

Color balancing

Maintaining the balance of colors in the dining room is also crucial because too bright or dull colors tend to be uncomfortable and uninviting.

Table facing the door

Do not place the dining table directly facing the door. Remember, an obstructive view is a negative view. This also affects the quality of “chi” that generates in the space.

Distance to the kitchen?

It is best to have the dining room as close to the kitchen as possible.

Feng Shui placement of Dining Table and Objects in the Dining room

Area rug or carpet

Put an area rug or carpet below your dining table. This creates a feng shui zone across the table and also helps to control sound, which also tends to heighten the enjoyment of conversations during meals.

An oval or round dining table

An oval or round dining table is a better option. Especially in smaller dining rooms. They do not have sharp corners. Sharp corners may physically harm you accidentally and cut through the “chi” in the space.

Dining table against the wall

Avoid placing the dining table against the wall. This creates a perception that additional people are not welcome.

Mix and match colors

Mix and match colors of utensils and other items on the Dining table. This creates harmony and balance in the “chi” surrounding the dining space.

Even number of chairs

Use an even number of chairs. This is not only good feng shui but creates a sense of balance in mind through visuals.

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