Feng Shui Directions Beginners Guide

Feng Shui Directions

In feng shui, experts use the magnetic compass directions during the analysis of their buildings and houses. These directions are the exact traditional compass directions of East, West, North, and South.

So, whether you use the magnetic compass or not, your home will face one of these directions or one of the intercardinal points.

Compass-facing directions are one of the most important components of feng shui and among the many techniques used to access the flow of qi and how it affects the people living in the house.

When this philosophy was developed a long time ago, it was important for practitioners to survey the environment before settling on foreign land. The words yin and yang were used initially to define the shadowed side (yin) and the sunny side (yang). So people used to build their houses where they could get plenty of sunlight or energy.

The facing direction is a term used in feng shui to refer to the magnetic compass direction that a house faces, and it can be based on the location of the main door or the flow of qi.

The facing direction depends on the plan of the house in question and the situation.

To find your feng shui direction facing, you will need a compass. You don’t need any special kind of compass for this purpose; even the one on your smartphone can do the job nicely.

What is the best direction for your bed?

Getting a great night’s sleep depends on the setting of the scene in the bedroom. Usually, you want your bedroom to be lower in temperature, darkening curtains, and free of electronics.

But all that can be pointless if your bed faces the wrong feng shui direction.

The West:

When you face your bed toward the West, you can create an ideal environment for a good night’s sleep because the West is known for being contentment.

However, this can also bring laziness and lack of motivation, so it is an ideal direction for those who already have plenty of wealth.

The East:

Placing your bed to face the eastern direction will give you a feeling that each day is a new day. It gives you a sense of ambition and invigoration and can quickly help you expand your career.

The Southeast:

The southeast direction is for those with trouble communicating. Asides from promoting communication, it can also boost creativity and active life.

The Southwest:

Southwest direction is for the restless as this direction will help you calm down and bring you peace of mind.

The North, Northeast, and South:

The remaining directions are bad for feng shui, including north, northeast, and south.

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