what does elephant represent in feng shui

What Can The Feng Shui Elephant Do For You?

The elephant is another essential symbol in feng shui. It is believed to provide the energies of beauty, kindness, silent power, majesty, and fertility.

The elephants’ energy is customarily kind and wise, despite the size and strength of the elephants.

Generally, the elephant symbol is usually the easiest feng shui cures to use and can provide a range of benefits in your home or office.

No Strict Rules

    Just like many feng shui symbols, choosing an elephant should be guided by your intuition and preferences.

    Feng shui has relaxed rules when it comes home decorating using its symbols other than your likes and dislikes.

    While the elephant in feng shui is associated with many benefits, all these should come after your own honest liking of the symbol.

The Symbolism of the Elephant

    The main energies provided by the elephant in feng shui are fertility, good luck, wisdom, and protection.

    It’s Different

    However, unlike other feng shui symbols that you don’t have to focus on specific parts, the elephant’s trunk and its direction should be paid the most attention. When going to buy this symbol, pay attention to the trunk and as well as colors and material used to make it.

    The Trunk

    The trunk of an elephant is usually strong but sensitive and used in many ways, including picking up food, drinking water, greeting fellow elephants, and warding off intruders, among many other uses. In most cases, the feng shui elephant is usually portrayed with its trunk pointing up, which means the showering of good luck.

    The Direction

    The direction of the trunk means different things. For example, if you want to use the elephant to cultivate love and good friendship, look for ones with intertwined trunks.
    Feng shui elephants come in various forms, including ceramic, elephant’s images, elephant toys, and colorful embroideries. All these can be used in feng shui energy.

Uses of Elephant in Feng Shui

    Fertility Cure

    The most common use of the elephant statue in feng shui is for fertility purposes. When used this way, make sure its trunk is down. One of the reasons why an elephant with a trunk down is helpful when it comes to fertility is that it can accumulate and store energy.

    Also, with its trunk down, it symbolizes pushing through obstacles, just as couples trying to push through marital struggles such as infertility.

    Protection Cure

    The elephant is naturally strong and powerful. Because of this, the elephant statue can also be used as a protection and stability cure.

    Good Luck Cure

    Elephants have, for so long, been considered a symbol of good luck. If you want to use an elephant statue for this purpose, make sure the trunk is up, which depicts the dispersion of luck energy throughout your office or home.

Where to Place Elephant Statue ?

    Where you place the statue depends on the purpose and use.

    Front door for protection and luck

    Placing an elephant statue or a pair of them at your entrance will bring good luck and protection to your home or business.

    Bedroom for faithfulness and love

    Use an elephant statue in your bedroom to promote faithfulness and love between you and your partner.

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