How To Place Feng Shui Fish Tank The Best Way?

All pets bring auspicious chi in your homes and are highly regarded in feng shui. However, fish aquariums, in particular, are considered as the powerhouse for attracting abundance and wealth. In fact, the Chinese phonetic character for ‘fish’ that sounds “Yu”魚 also means ‘to have enough food leftovers.’餘 This directly implies abundance.

Water not only cleanses all things it touches but also nourishes life all throughout the world. These cleansing and nourishing properties are embedded within the very essence of wealth and abundance.

Having healthy and well-maintained fishes swimming in the waters of the fish aquarium correlates to abundant wealth being stirred and produced. This is why fish aquariums are considered a powerful tool in feng shui that draws in the auspicious ‘chi’ of prosperity and wealth into your home and office space.

The Five Elements of Feng Shui and Fish Aquarium

An aquarium is a perfect example of a harmonious balance of the five elements in a confined space. When all the five elements are present and interact with others in conformity, they create perfect “chi” energy.

Water Element

The water in an aquarium is the ‘water element’ of feng shui.

Earth Element

The gravel, sand, stone, or soil in the base of the aquarium represents the ‘earth element.’

Fire Element

Fish and lighting in aquariums illustrate the ‘fire element.’ Fish that are red, golden, yellow, or orange belong to the ‘fire element’ group.

Metal Element

Most aquariums have metal frameworks. You can also add copper coins to enhance the properties of the ‘metal element.’ Seal the coins in a plastic bag to protect your fish.

Wood Element

Plants growing in the fish tank represents the wood element of feng shui.

Placement of Fish Tanks

As per feng shui principles, there are a few good areas in your home or office to place an aquarium.

Southeast Sector

Classical feng shui suggests that the southeast sector is the best location for an aquarium. In the Bagua map, this area represents wealth and prosperity.

North and East Sectors

The north area is associated with career and ambitions, and the east represents health. You can place the fish tank in the north or east spaces of your home or office to enhance the “chi” for career and health.

Negative or ‘Sha Qi” spaces

Fish tanks are excellent feng shui cures to remedy bad energy and block off “sha qi.殺氣” These areas include under the beam, sharp corners such as a fence, pillar, etc.

Areas to avoid placing Fish aquariums

Feng Shui principles dictate that there are few spaces/areas in your home or office where fish tanks should never be kept.


The fire element is strong in the kitchen, and as per feng shui, water destroys fire.


Water and swimming fishes generate a lot of Yang energy, and this may disturb your sleep.

Center of Home or office

The earth element rules the center of any structure. Earth and Water elements do not complement each since the former destroys the latter as per feng shui.


Another area of your dwellings that you should avoid placing the aquarium is the bathroom since there is a lot of wastewater generation. It creates conflict in the surrounding “chi.”

Aquarium Shapes and Feng Shui benefits

Rectangular Fish Aquariums

Almost all aquariums come in rectangular shapes. As per feng shui, this shape represents wood. Since water nourishes wood, the rectangular shape fish tank is good feng shui. This aquarium can be placed in the east and southeast.

Round Fish Aquariums

In feng shui, the round shape belongs to the metal element and can be placed in the north sector of your home or office.

Square and Triangle Aquariums

Not recommended! These shapes represent the earth element and create conflict with the water element energies.

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