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How To Improve Your Mind With Feng Shui – A Beginner’s Guide

Feng shui (風水), though started 6000 years ago, is not just a new-age tool that can be applied in our living spaces. It can also be used to create a peaceful mind and body, and by extent, using our living spaces to achieve this.

Rather than feeling stuck in old patterns where nothing seems to change, you can use feng shui to unlock the peace of mind and body, thus helping you live your every heart’s cravings with ease.


Feng shui literally means wind and water, which are two elements that are in a continuous and harmonious flow.

Good feng shui can bring good health, wealth, and productivity. In contrast, bad feng shui can bring bad omen, a lot of misfortunes, and inactivity.

How does it work

Feng shui operates on the premise that everything in the universe – people, lands, objects, etc. – comprises unique energy known as chi (氣).

This energy is believed to be in a constant state of movement, so the ideal arrangement of a living space should promote this energy’s natural flow.


Balance is the main aim of feng shui, which is perfectly represented by the idea of yin (陰) and yang (陽).

Yin represents soft, passive chi, while yang represents a more mannish, direct chi. Both yin and yang should exist symphonically to attain optimal feng shui.

inner peace feng shui

So how does this influence your body and mind?

Feng shui is quite easy to apply to your daily life, and it can help you cope with your daily routines regardless of how hectic they are. The best part is, incorporating feng shui into your everyday life does not cost much in terms of time and money.

The main aim is to later the way you feel, which in turn changes how you attract and how you carry yourself in your daily routines.

To use feng shui to impact your body and mind, you may want to start by ensuring your house with feng shui. Every corner of your home can benefit from feng shui, so begin by performing a simple audit of your living space.

inner feng shui mind and body

Rules for the mind adjustment

Step #1: Get rid of clutter

    Feng shui and clutter are not the right combinations. If you want to create a space that relaxes the body and mind, you need to eliminate clutter in your home; it is the most effective stride towards feng shui for your body and mind.

    Declutter your home is essential for the chi flow. Some people clinging to the past or imagining the future without actually living in the present are not suitable for the inner feng shui.

    Buddha once said: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. With a clear mind, and keep moving forward.

    Less physical clutter in your environment means less mental clutter, which essentially means improved productivity.

Step #2: Relax

    You can achieve the best results only when you are relaxed physically and mentally. Any metabolic or irritable mentality will bring bad results.

    What is the best mentality? The answer is to be as thoughtless as possible, aiming at the ideal personality, ideal state, ideal interpersonal care, and ideal life you want.

    Then relax your mind, work hard, do what you should do, don’t keep thinking when those things will come.

    Then the arrival of these things can sometimes be astonishing to you. On the contrary, if you are more anxious about the result, you will not be able to get the desired result or even the opposite result.

Step #3: Indirectly achieving

    To improve self-worth, including material and spiritual aspects, it must be achieved indirectly by increasing the value of others.

    If you want to improve your self-esteem, you should first achieve it indirectly by improving others’ self-esteem.

    If you want to achieve something, you must achieve it indirectly through others.

    For example, some companies were founded with the sole purpose of pursuing the greatest benefits. These companies are often short-lived and disappear in a short time.

    And those companies that provide high-quality services to customers tend to grow and thrive, which is how the indirect achievement works.

    In this rule, increasing self-worth and increasing the value of others often occur simultaneously. When you increase the value of others, your own value is immediately increased.

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