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5 Tips For Feng Shui & Your Child’s Room

Feng shui for children is one thing you should pay close attention to, as it can help bring a vibrant, healthy, and long-lasting sense of joy as well as offering relief from the vast clutter disarray synonymous with the children’s rooms.

Unlike adult bedrooms, children’s rooms are spaces where clothes, stuffed animals, games, desks, and beds are located. This results in the bed being surrounded by stimuli that can negatively impact the rest, which is not recommended in feng shui.

Most of the time, children’s rooms are filled with color that can be too strong to help activate the child’s growth.

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While it is challenging to blend feng shui with the children’s room, there are tips you can follow to help you achieve this and ensure your kid has a better sleep. Here are some tips to use:

Bed Placement

The bed in the children’s room should be placed in the commanding position. This will promote restful sleep as it puts your child in command of his or her room.
Moreover, under no circumstances should be the bed is placed directly under a window.

What if your kids sleep in a bunked bed?

Feng shui does not recommend bunked beds as your child will sleep too close to the ceiling, resulting in their energy being compressed.

If you have no otherwise and the bunked beds are the only option, make sure that your children are happy and cheerful sleeping in the bunked beds. Also, choose wood over metal for the bed’s material and make sure they are stable and sturdy. Paint the lower bed’s overhead section in a calming and relaxing color to create the illusion of a bigger space.

  • Don’t place the bed on the wall adjacent to the bathroom, as this will cause health issues.
  • Ensure your child doesn’t see stairs from their bed because, in feng shui, stairs drain energy.

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Study area

Walking in your child’s bedroom, the corner to your left is the study or knowledge area. In this space, place bookcases and a desk. Be sure to position the desk so that your child faces into the room. This will ensure he or she is not distracted while studying.


    Find some nice crystals to hang in this area as well, to create positive study energy to help your kid to think and process what he or she is reading. Know more about crystals.

Be careful of beams

    There should not be a beam over the study desk because it will block your kid’s thought process. If there is no other option and the desk must be under the beam, maybe due to inadequate space, hang a bamboo wind chime from the beam to neutralize the negative effects of the bad energy.

Natural lighting

    The study area or room of your child should always be lit. There should be a window to allow in natural light. To maximize your child’s concentration, place a table lamp to the southeast of the study desk. The desk should be on the right of the window and not in front of the window. Also, place a bamboo or wind chime near the window to prevent bad chi.

    The study chair should have a high back to provide comfort, place a photo of water behind the chair to ensure a perfect flow of creative energy to your child.

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Plants to put in children’s room

One of the things you should pay attention to in children’s rooms is the freshness of the air. Fresh air is good feng shui, regardless of the space, but it is more important in children’s room due to huge chaos that is always present in these rooms.

Thankfully, there are many ways to freshen up the air in your children’s room, and one of them is by placing air-purifying plants somewhere in the room. Here are some of the plants you can place in your children’s room:

Areca Palm

    Areca Palm is a favorite plant to put in your child’s room because it is easy to take care of. It is a form of bamboo, which means it can also be used to fend off bad energies. The leaves of these plants have a gracious flow that will sooth the energy of your child’s room and remove all toxins in the air.

Lady Palm

    This plant will help improve the indoor air quality in your child’s room as it eradicates most of the pollutants in the indoor air.

Bamboo Palm

    The bamboo plant will add a peaceful feeling to your child’s room. It resists numerous insect infestations but still will need general cleaning and pruning to stay healthy. In feng shui, this plant is thought to supply positive energy, luck, as well as good fortune.

Rubber Plant

    Rubber plants can tolerate dim light as well as cool temperatures, making it perfect to tuck away in the corner of your child’s room.

    Note: English ivy is highly toxic and should not be used in children’s home or your home for that matter if you have children.

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Feng shui colors for children’s room

As you think of the color to paint your child’s room, you should know that children have more energy than adults, which might make it difficult for them to fall asleep at night. You can either select the color or let the children choose the color that they like.

There is nothing hard when it comes to children’s bedroom colors. Just avoid intense vivid bright colors that can overstimulate your children.

Paint the walls of the West Bagua area in your children’s room in a metal color – white or gray – or earth color – light yellow, sandy brown, or beige).

Read here for the complete map for Bagua color.

The shape of the furniture

Besides a study desk, there is no need for other furniture in your children’s room, perhaps a dresser, which should be placed behind the bed to serve as a wall.

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