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Feng Shui Your House Exterior In 10 Simple Steps

The feng shui in your home is not just about the internal parts of the house. It also includes the outside and what you do to overpower the negative energy from entering the house.

Keep in mind that the energy the flow in your home comes from outside, therefore if you don’t get it right in the exterior of your house, there is no point boosting the feng shui of the inside.

If your house has lousy exterior feng shui, then it will be pretty challenging to have a good feng shui inside the house.

So, the best strategy is to start from the outside and create the best feng shui to promote good energy inside your house.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can solve this exterior feng shui challenges.

The first approach is to ensure your house faces the right direction!

Best feng shui direction for the house

    According to feng shui, the best directions for a house are the south and east.

    Remember that doors are the mouth of your house. Particular attention should be paid in your house direction because it may violet the feng shui rules.

    East –facing and the south-facing house will let in all the natural light.

    It is suggested to follow the feng shui general rule of east-facing and south-facing. These directions are also suitable for career development.

    The south-facing door means you will be entering your house in the north direction, which is commanding and will help you succeed in your careers such as entrepreneur, politician, merchant, religionist, celebrity, and many others.

The feng shui Eight Front Door Directions include:

    The northeast-facing:
    Represents wisdom and academic triumphant, thus perfect for intellectual families.

    The northwest-facing:
    Door facilitates outward development, and therefore suitable for those who like traveling overseas or take a business trip.

    The southeast-facing:
    Door helps with the creation of wealth, thus suitable if you want wealth.

    The southwest-facing:
    Door facilitates luck in marriage and romantic relationships, thus suitable for people who want to get married.

    The east-facing:
    Door enhances good family life. It is suitable for big families seeking a happy and harmonious life.

    The south-facing:
    Door is for fame and wealth.

    The west-facing:
    Door enhances descendants and is perfect for families wanting to have successful descendants.

    The north-facing:
    Door brings prosperous in business, and therefore it is suitable for business families.

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Colors for your exterior house

    There are Two feng shui rules can help you choose the right colors for your exterior home:

    First is to achieve harmony by selecting the colors that complement the natural environment, and Second is choosing the colors based on the elements of birth of your family menders.

    Feng shui encourages us to live in a house that blends harmoniously with the surroundings, including natural and man-made.

    When it comes to colors for exterior house, you want to define the color that will work best with all the components outside your house.

    Try to ensure your house has a balanced relationship with the elements around it.

    Based on Birth Elements

    Select the strongest energy by employing the use of the birth elements of your family members. This might be a bit complex because each family member has their own predominant energetic makeup.

    If one member is associated with the element of fire, they should not surround themselves with too much of water element colors because water put down the fire.

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What to avoid in house exterior

    It is possible for a house to have good feng shui inside but bad or sha chi outside. When you feel that things are not alright outside your house, the first plan of action is to check out for items attacking energies that are directed towards your house, or low chi lingering about your home.

    You need to remove the sharp structure that points directly at your front door as well as any of your house windows.
    Also, garbage bins placed close to your front door or windows can contribute to low energy lurking.

How to identify exterior bad feng shui?

    If the exterior of your home looks clean and well-maintained, you don’t have to worry about bad feng shui energy. But if you feel that there are one or two things you should improve outside your home, it means your house exterior has bad feng shui.

    Another way to identify bad feng shui outside your house is how you feel when you approach your front door. Do you feel welcomed and happy? Or do you feel anxious when you approach your main entrance? These feelings can help you tell if your house exterior needs some tweaks.

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Elements to aid chi flow

    To fix your outside feng shui, you still need to understand the fundamental principles of the philosophy. This means you need to master the five basic elements, which will guide you on what to remove or add outside your home.

    The first step of ensuring the free flow of chi outside your home is the easiest – you just need to paint your front door in the right color. Your front door is like the threshold to and from your house, and it controls almost all the energy types that flow inside your home and the energy you carry when you leave the house.

    Most of the time, the flow of chi could be hindered by the dilapidated bridges, cemeteries visible from your home or across the street, bridges beside or overhead your home, rivers ruining directly towards your front or back door, or telephone of power lines crisscrossing over your home.

    The best way to deal with this is to find elements that will counter or neutralize the negative energy.

    For example, if a river or too much water flows towards your front or back door, consider using the fire element to weaken the energy by placing a grilling area or fire pit direct to the incoming negative energy.

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How to reconcile the negative chi from the outer environment

    Try to focus on creating a different type of positive chi you want your house to propagate. According to the traditional feng shui schools, you can feng shui Bagua mirror to remedy the exterior Si Chi or Sha.

    Another way is tapping into your creativity and design skills to create a quality feng shui protective energy in line with the style of your house.

Feng shui for front yard and backyard

    Creating a welcoming front yard is easy when you use feng shui.

    According to the principle of feng shui, the backyard and front yard are all parts of your home and should be designed in harmony with the inner life of the owner of the house.

    Creating a yard also requires you to keep in mind the different feng shui elements as well as their corresponding directions to be able to activate some of the energies scattered around your home.

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Here is how you can use feng shui in your backyard and front yard

    The north area:
    This is the area that is associated with your career, and you can do well with placing a small pond or water fountain.

    The northeast area:
    This area represents spiritual growth as well as inner knowledge. It is recommended that you place your garden in this area of your side.

    The east area:
    Associated with health and longevity, this is a perfect spot for the longest living tree.

    The southeast area:
    An area associated with wealth and prosperity, this area of your yard can be activated with gold or purple colors or wood ascents.

    The south area:
    Activate this area of your yard with a grill or fire pit.

    The southwest area:
    This area represents love and relationships, so to activate this energy, be sure to use lots of pinks, yellow, and red.

    The west area:
    This area of your yard is for creativity, and it would be a perfect place to set up an easel or any other artistic endeavor. You can also reserve this spot for children.

    The northwest area:
    It corresponds to new people and travel. This is an excellent spot for you to mingle with your new and old friends and can be activated the metallic colors.

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Feng shui for roof

    Never use colors that activate the element of water in feng shui on your roof. The water element is associated with money. When you use these colors for your roofing, you will continuously be overburdened by monetary problems.

    These colors include black, gray, aqua, blue, as well as their variegated pantones.

    Avoid fire color inspired, as well. This is because it will make the occupants of the house live in disharmony and hotheaded tempers every day.

    The top view of your roof should not be diamond, cross, triangle, octagon, or circle. In feng shui, these shapes create bad chi or Sha that affects the people living under it.

    Also, avoid a domed roof, except for churches, chapels, or public areas such as coliseums and theaters.

    Skylights should not be located at the center of the building or house as it figuratively punctures the heart and torso of the owner. It can lead to cardiac and lung problems.

    Also, s skylight should not be placed above any bed in any room in the house as it creates a coffin image.

    If you own pets, never put them on the roof or roof deck unless you want to become their slave. The same is true for house-help rooms.
    Although it is rare, never build a swimming pool atop a roof or roof deck.

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