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How To Feng Shui Your Home Office – 4 Simple Ways

While working from home is a dream for many people, it not as easy as it sounds. First, it will be challenging for you to separate your private life and business, and second, it will be hard for you to effectively get the hang of the idea that you are working without the social interaction that usually is present at a working space with colleagues.

Without those two concerns, working from home has countless benefits to your lifestyle, and you can use the principles of feng shui to make it the experience even better. In this post, we are going to talk about how you can use this philosophy to make your home office an inspiring and conducive space to work from.


Feng Shui Home Office Layout

If you are not new to feng shui philosophy, you are aware that at home, you should never mix your work and relaxation. This means anything to do with your work, including your office stuff, computer, and everything that can remind you of work should never find its way to your bedroom.

Seperate Entrance

    With that in mind, your home office should be as far as possible from your bedroom. If possible, you should have a separate entrance to your home office for that to your house. Be sure that your bedroom and your home office are in two different worlds.

Be Decorative

    While planning for your home office, you should do so with your success and prosperity, productivity, and well-being in mind. Therefore, decorate it with specific images, meaningful career mementos, inspirational colors as well as any other décor object that makes you feel appreciated, happy, and successful.

    Since it is your home, don’t be afraid of expressing your decorative skills. Be sure to make your home office exude the energy you want to show the world.

Sun Light

    Your home office should have the right amount of quality light, natural, and artificial. This is essential in making you enjoy your home office. Try installing full-spectrum lights in your office spaces, as well as bringing purifying plants to maintain a fresh supply of oxygen.

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Feng Shui Items To Boost Home Office

There are three crucial areas in your home office that you need to boost feng shui energy. These are places that will ensure your home office flow with good energy all the time. They include:

South area

    The southern area of your home office represents your fame and reputation. It is where you will find your light in the world. The energy in this area is fire.

    For this reason, avoid having color blue in the south area of your home office, as well as big mirrors, images of water, and fountains as the water element puts off the fire energy.

    Instead, use beautiful red, yellow, orange, or purple colors to decorate this area. Pace a red color vase on the south area of your office to nourish the element of fire.

North area

    This area represents your career or purpose in life. The element of feng shui here is water and metal (in the five elements cycle, metal creates water).

    The first item that you should place in the north area of your home office is an inspiring image associated with your career, either in white or black frames.

Southeast area

    The last area in your home office, where you should place feng shui items, the southeast area represents abundance and prosperity. You should place items or images that relate to money and abundance.

    The feng shui element in this area is wood. This means you need to avoid images that energize the element of fire and overdoing too much element of metal.


Feng Shui For Home Office Desk – Directions

Where should a desk be placed in a home office? There are several factors that you will have to consider to create the perfect home office desk. Your home office decoration should revolve around your working desk. The position of your desk is the commanding or power position in the room.

Things To Avoid

    The first thing to avoid is placing your desk in a corner facing the wall. Instead, layout your desk facing the door, and out of from the wall.

    Position your chair in a manner that you can see the entrance as well as anyone entering the home.

Comfort And Security

    Make sure your desk faces the direction that promotes comfort and security. This means to avoid placing your desk facing protruding angles or getting rid of objects with sharp angles in your home office.

    Sharp-pointed objects create arrow-like feng shui energy that is usually more irritable and uncomfortable. If you are unable to remove the objects with sharp angles, be sure to soften the sharp corners with some plants.


Best Feng Shui Colors For Your Home Office

What is the best feng shui color for the office? This should be the most exciting part of putting up your home office. You go to decide which color makes you feel great.

When choosing the colors for your home office, consider your style of working, the type of work you will be doing in that office, and the amount of time you will be spending in the office.

To get started, jot down about five uses you intend to put your home office into. If you feel like a comfy seat is what you need to work more, go for a luxurious couch in grounding colors such as deep blue or grey and some soft pillows.

If you have established your working style, you should be able to know the colors that suit your style. For example, if your style is minimalism, you should consider using neutral colors for your home office.

In general, the best feng shui home office colors are:

  • White for openness and flexibility
  • Black for introspection
  • Red for strength and excitement
  • Orange for comfort
  • Yellow for positivity
  • Green for focus
  • Blue for productivity
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