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Koi Fish Can Boost Your Feng Shui. Here Is How

In feng shui, a fish symbolizes the aspect of abundance (due to the ability of fish to reproduce quickly in large quantities), also because, in Chinese, fish (yu 魚) is pronounced similarly to abundance. Thus, an actual aquarium fish or an image of fish is one of the most potent feng shui cures to attract the energy of abundance and wealth.

There are three main popular feng shui wealthy fish, namely Arowana, koi, and goldfish.


    Arowana is the most prized feng shui fish for attracting wealth. It is often called the dragon fish due to its scales and overall look, which is believed to be similar to the Chinese dragon.

    Live Arowanas usually command high prices and are known to grow rapidly and becoming pretty dominant and powerful when growing older. Arowana is used in feng shui to symbolize wealth as well as power and authority. Unlike other feng shui fish, Arowana is typically portrayed alone.


    Koi is also one of the most prized fish in feng shui. It usually comes in a wide range of bright colors, including yellow, red, blue, white, and even black.

    Unlike the Arowanas, koi fish are usually depicted in a group, typically of 9 – 8 brightly colored and 1 black. The purpose of a black fish is to neutralize the negative energy. Sometimes 2 koi fish can be sued as a feng shui cure to attract love.

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white nd red goldfish


    Goldfish are often confused with koi fish due to some resemblances between them. Their use in a feng shui aquarium is also similar.

    While koi fish might not do well in small aquariums, the goldfish thrive well in small tanks and therefore are the most popular alternative.

    To design your fish aquarium, you need to follow some feng shui rules to ensure you reap the benefits.

Locating your koi aquarium

    First, since this involves a large body of waters, the pond shouldn’t be located in places that counter the governing elements, for instance, the fire element in the South where water is a destructive element.

black koi fish

Aquarium in the East, North, Southeast Areas

    Another option is to choose a location that can normally accommodate a water element, such as the east, the north, and the southeast areas. The feng shui water element will nourish the southeast and east wood element. The north area is governed by the water element and is usually a good option for a water element.

    If you want to place your aquarium in another sector, you will have to seek the guidance of a feng shui expert.

Size and shape of koi aquarium

    The size and shape of your koi aquarium depend on the space available. Size the aquarium to scale with your house. Don’t install too large aquarium or too small.

    The ideal shape of a koi aquarium should be round, as this is the shape of water. However, you can go with other shapes as long as it is symmetrical with curves rather than straight lines.

    The depth of the water represents the amount of wealth and income you attract.

koi fish pond in home

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