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How To Improve Your Love Life With Feng Shui

Suppose you have been following the principles of feng shui. In that case, you already know that it covers all parts of our lives, including health, money, family, and love. So if you are currently struggling to find love, you can use feng shui to attract the love of your life.

The bedroom is the room of intimacy in a house; therefore, most of the love-attracting tips are applied to this room. All feng shui tips about love are based on the fact that if you get everything right in your bedroom, your love life will flourish.

In this short article, I will share with you some feng shui love checkup of your bedroom so you can attract a lasting relationship.

Tip #1: Is your bedroom comfortable and can accommodate two people

    The first step is to ensure that your bed is comfortable and can hold two people. In feng shui, if your bed is hiding behind the door or squeezed in the corner of your bedroom with just a single nightstand, you will not be able to find a functional love. This means you are hiding away from love, and you are not ready for one now.

Tip #2: Is your bed feng shui balanced on each side

    This is where many people fail. The bed is supposed to be used by both partners in a relationship. For this reason, your bed must have balanced feng shui energy on either side.

    If you are looking for a long-lasting love relationship, your bed should feel comfortable for both you and your partner. Create both sides of your bed with balanced feng shui. This essentially means to treat both sides of your bed equally.

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Tip #3: Create free space in your closets?

    Generally, you want to have a closet with some room to allow for a free flow of good feng shui energy to promote better health. But leaving some space in your closet also allows your partner to store their items in there.

Tip #4: Harmonize your feng shui home trinity

    Feng shui home trinity is a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. These areas of the house are considered the most important parts of your home, so make sure they have good feng shui energy.

Tip #5: Visualize your life with the love of your dreams

    Embrace the feeling of being with the man or woman of your dreams. Feel this feeling, taste it, smell it, bring that feeling into reality with specific images, colors, and even scents that will capture the energy you want.

Tip #6: Enhance the energy in the southwest area of your bedroom

    The feng shui element to nourish here is earth. Bring objects, images, and colors that nurture the fire or earth elements, while avoiding too much water, metal, or wood elements.

Special Considerations

    If you want to attract love with feng shui, make sure you avoid sad, broken heart images.
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