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Feng Shui & Mirror Placement. The Ultimate Guide

It is hard to find a house that does not have a mirror. But do you know where this common household item should be placed in a house? In this article, we are going to show you the best areas to place a mirror in your home, according to feng shui.

Mirrors are regarded as the aspirin of feng shui, can be a great addition to your home if you know how to use it properly.
After reading this article until the end, you will know not only the best but also the worst places to place mirrors in your house as well as the reason behind it.

Dining Room

    In feng shui, the dining room is an important area of the house for mirrors. This room is the wealth of your wealth vault and represents your ability to hold on to wealth.

    By placing a mirror in the dining room, you increase the size of your wealth vault and your capacity to hold wealth. The dining room is like your wallet or purse.

    However, you should not confuse this room with your wealth areas.

Mirrors and Windows

    A mirror can bring things into your house from outside. For this reason, avoid placing a mirror facing the window as it can bring negative energies from outside.


    While the dining room is a great place for mirrors, the kitchen is the opposite. In feng shui, the kitchen has a lot of negative energies, and placing the mirrors in this room will double the bad energy.

    Mirror facing stove produces yin yang imbalance, making the house a very uncomfortable place to stay.

    However, if you cook with the door of your kitchen at your back, you can use a mirror to help you know who is entering or leaving the kitchen.


Restroom and bathroom

    Don’t place a mirror in a way that faces the door of the bathroom. Restaurants are known for producing negative energy because there is where we release all our wastes. So a mirror will only multiply this negative qi and distribute it to other places in your house.


    Never place a mirror to face your bed, as this will lead to sleep problems. Generally, mirrors in the bedroom are not harmful, make sure they are not facing the bed.

Living room

    You can place mirrors in your living room to amplify the energy from visitors. This is important, especially if you have just moved into the house.

    However, don’t hang a mirror behind a sofa, as you will lose that sense of security.

Front door and foyer

    Mirrors facing the front door cause instability. However, you can place one close to your foyer or front door for convenience.

    Mirrors in the foyer help expand the feel and look of the area, so make sure you strategically place it.

Narrow staircases

    Another place that can use mirrors is narrow staircases. According to feng shui, narrow staircases diminish abundance and fortune. But with mirrors, the narrow-looking staircase will appear wider.

    If you have a home office or at work, make sure the mirror does not face your desk.


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