10 Feng Shui Mistakes You Need To Avoid

What is bad feng shui for a house?

Feng Shui stands an ancient art from Chinese that balances and harmonizes spaces. Its main is to catch all positive energies and help to get rid of negative ones.

It brings significant benefits to the home, but if applied incorrectly, it can have the opposite effect and damage people’s emotions, relationships, and careers.

In addition to knowing how to position and use elements within the environment to attract good energy with Feng Shui, it is essential to know what not to do. To this end, below are some of the most common mistakes people make in Feng Shui and how to avoid them at home:

Using excess decorative elements

    Some people believe that elements that attract good energy never hurt. But the truth is that exaggeration causes the opposite effect. It is common to find houses where there are feng shui cures, Buddhas, and a multitude of objects that supposedly harmonize the energies.

    The excess ends up disturbing and leaving the energy disturbed. Less is more, just bring the few elements that you like and that are indispensable, without exaggeration.

Having a mirror in front of the entrance door

    Having a mirror right in front of your front door is a major mistake in Feng Shui and one of the worst. The main gate is the energy source of the house; it is through which the vital energy ( 氣 chi ) enters.

    If you put a mirror in front of you, most of the essential energy is repelled, and yours becomes stagnant, static, without the energy of movement circulating.

Having more than one water source at home

    Water fountains are objects that draw good Feng Shui energies into the house. They attract light, wealth, and work. However, all excesses must be avoided.

    Ideally, you should have a single water source at home. If your house is large, it can be two. Otherwise, it will be too much energy in the environment that can bring agitation, anxiety, and conflict.

Failure to use the right colors for each room

    Some people abuse monochrome coloring and have the house all crafted in white and black. This does not help the energy of Feng Shui.

    Your home needs warm colors to stimulate energy, balanced with calm colors for rest and relaxation. For dining or living rooms, prefer earthy colors; for the kitchen and hallways, warm colors such as orange or red; light green or light blue for the children’s room, pearl, beige or light yellow for the adult room; and for bathrooms, deep blue, black or pink.

Bad design of your bathroom when building your house

    If you are building a house, pay close attention to where you place the bathrooms in your home.

    Most of the experts in feng shui agree that a bathroom directly above the lobby is an unfavorable location. The location of a bathroom directly on a kitchen is also discouraged.

ten mistakes to avoid in feng shui

Failure to remove excess materials

    Most of us are afraid of throwing away something that we might miss someday, so we fear the idea of eliminating excess materials at home.

    However, it is absolutely necessary to create a clean environment before working with Feng Shui in your home, as the disorder completely drains your chi or vital energy.

Having a TV in your bedroom

    Putting a TV in your bedroom brings yang energy into the room, acts as a mirror, and can be distracting, thus disrupting your personal relationship.

    Do not sleep with the TV in your bedroom, as it influences your dreams and you will not be able to rest properly.

Wrong placement of mirrors

    You may have heard that placing a Bagua mirror inside of a bathroom door is beneficial for managing the negative energy it contains.

    The mistake that is often made is to place a mirror directly in front of the main entrance. You may have even read somewhere that this is a good thing, but the truth is that it is one of the worst things you can do. What happens is that you could bounce all the positive chi energy out of your house.

Adult rooms with green walls

    The green color is soothing, it fits well in the children’s room. In the adult room, it is not an appropriate color, as it will stimulate immaturity, create resistance to responsibilities, give laziness, and sleep. For the adult room, prefer colors are cream, beige, pearl, or light yellow.

Having decorative elements you don’t like

    Some people believe that the frog’s image attracts money and drives away bad energies, so they buy a decorative object with that image.

    However, if they are genuinely terrified of frogs, and that object brings no pleasure in watching it; this is bad for Feng Shui.

    Another common situation is to get some decorative objects they dislike from someone and still keep it in the house out of courtesy to the person.

    Every time you look at the object, you will involuntarily desire bad energy for it. Avoid objects you don’t like at home, this only hinders the harmonization of Feng Shui.


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