What & Where Is The Feng Shui Wealth Corner?

Western Feng Shui uses the front door of the structure to determine the directions. The money corner for Western Feng shui or BTB Bagua is your space’s upper left area when viewed on a floor plan.

In feng shui, the money corner in your home or office is considered very important and auspicious. It is an energetic center of money, wealth, and abundance – a place or area that is good for conducting or managing finances.

Consulting a feng shui expert to find the best money corner in your business space or home is very important. Various other factors may affect the “chi” in the space—for example, your personal direction, home or office directions, etc.

In practical feng shui terms, the best money corner is the area that receives the most sunlight and a lot of ventilation. It has to be separate from the other personal spaces such as bedrooms or dining rooms and should provide privacy and attentiveness.

Managing and Controlling the Feng Shui of Money Area

    After discovering the money area of your house, it is important to control and maintains it to enhance wealth and prosperity. Managing the energy flow and utilizing the proper décor based on feng shui cures/remedies is crucial to get the best results from the money space.

Feng Shui objects to place in your money area

Here are the items that will help to boost your money area!

Feng Shui Wallpaper

    Wallpapers are excellent décor materials and provide enormous amounts of “chi” to the surrounding areas. The best element in feng shui for business and career-related enhancements is the Water element.

    Black, white, and grey are the dominant colors of the water elements, and these exude professionalism and ethics. Adding striped designs to the wallpaper imparts a sense of order and discipline with dynamically visual aesthetics.

Vision Boards

    These feng shui cures are similar to wallpaper but vary in sizes and can also be easily changed as per your discretion. These are simple collections of images, words, and objects that help you to envision your aspirations and motivate you to move forward towards your dream.

The Elements Wood and Water enhance Wealth and Abundance

    The wealth corner in the Bagua map is primarily associated with the feng shui element of “wood.” The secondary element for the prosperity space is “water” since it helps in the growth of wood.

    You can use plants to enhance the “qi” surrounding the money corner (check out the feng shui plants article to know more) or other feng shui items made with wood. Water elements based feng shui items such as fish aquariums and portraits or images of waterfall also complement the energies within the money space.

Lighten Up Space

    In feng shui, light is an important source that feeds wood. Make the room as open and airy as possible, with ample sunlight falling into space. You can also use mirrors, crystals, and lamps to boost up the “chi” energies.

Colors of Wood and Water elements

Since the prosperity corner is associated with wood and water elements, it is best to choose colors from these groups.

Feng Shui Colors for Wood

  • Green
  • Brown
  • Wood tones such as brown, maple, etc.

Feng Shui Colors for Water

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Purple
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