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What The Feng Shui Money Cure Can Do For You

The Chinese coins were not initially created for luck, but for economic fields. These were issued with the seal of the Chinese emperor who ruled at the time. Coins were usually engraved with suns and moons, also unique stamps.

These engravings were changing over time since the coin manufacturers were acquiring experience in the issuance of it. This allowed the circulation of new currencies. The people of the time used some of them as amulets due to the engravings they had.

When the coins began to be used as amulets, they started having feng shui attributes for protection against harmful energies and ideograms and phrases for good omen and healing.

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Ancient Chinese Coins on White Background

How to use Chinese Coins?

As earlier highlighted, the most popular use of Chinese coins in feng shui is to attract the energy of riches, safety, and positive luck to heal. These energies certainly go together. When anybody reaches financial stability, he or she also feels highly protected and quite lucky!

To harness the Chinese money cure, begin exploring the diverse feng shui cures that adequately incorporate Chinese money into your design. Then locate the cash area of ​your living space. Once you find your area of ​​money, seek the best possible way to show off your healing in a manner that adapts to your general home décor.

For instance, you could suspend your Chinese coin tassels on the walls of your home, or neatly keep it on any suitable surface (table, cupboards, or shelves).

It may also be of great aid to know that you would have to hide your feng shui cure sometimes, instead of displaying it always. Furthermore, be sure to keep the coins with the Yang area face up.


If you possess a business enterprise, it has been observed through research that there are also diverse ways to make use of Chinese coins. You can keep them close to your cash register, inside your main door, close to your phone, or anywhere else that matters to you.

The Another Way – Jewelry

Another excellent way to harness Chinese coins in attracting the energy of wealth is to move with them in your purse or pocket. Usually, there are some coins bounded together with a red-colored ribbon.

You can find Chinese currency being excellently transformed into diverse jewelry designs. Wearing a piece of adorable jewelry containing positive energy is a perfect way to use the Chinese money cure in your favor as well.

Chinese Antique Coin on White Background

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