where to place feng shui money tree

This Is How You Place Your Feng Shui Money Tree

Feng Shui Money Tree and placement

Certain plants are used in feng shui to enhance prosperity and wealth. These plants are usually referred to as money trees or money plants. But just like other feng shui items, the benefits of these money trees can only be realized if you place them in the correct location.

It is also important to manage your expectations on the feng shui money tree because feng shui is one portion of our overall lifestyle. With that in mind, when you choose plants for your home, make sure you go for the ones that you love and not because you want them to fatten your wallet.

How to Choose a Feng Shui Money Plant

This is where most people get confused because they expect a money plant to be a specific tree with a name. The truth of the matter is, any healthy, lush plant can be used as a wealthy tree because it is the energy of the plant that is important and not the name.

Symbol Of Growth

The symbol of growth is what you want to be reflected in the financial area of your life. Some plants are known to produce bad luck in feng shui, so make sure you know them too.

How To Pick

Picking a wealthy plant is down to your preferences. You want a plant that will complete a certain look in your home and how much care it requires.

Generally, you want to get succulents and tropical plants because they don’t require too much attention. As long as you can provide them with sufficient watering and light, they will stay healthy for long.


If your house or office doesn’t allow in enough natural light, consider deploying artificial lighting or pick plants that can thrive well in low light.

You can also get an artificial plant if you don’t want a living plant or feel that you may not be able to take good care of a live plant.

3 Common Money Trees in Feng Shui

Though I have said any healthy, lush plant can be a money tree, there are three most common species that you can try.

    They include:

    Crassula ovata
    Pachira Aquatica
    Feng shui money tree

Best Places to Place Feng Shui Money Trees

In Your Money Area
It makes sense to place a feng shui money tree in your money area. According to feng shui, this area in the southeast part of your home or office.

In Your Health Area

The health area of your home is powerful when incorporated with wood elements. This area is the East region of your home, and it is also the family Bagua area.

A place with Plenty of Natural Light

This is perhaps the most obvious area to place a feng shui money plant. However, the light should be indirect. The ideal temperature for a money tree plant should be between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid placing a money tree in the bathroom, and love area (the southwest area of your home).

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