Feng Shui & The Best Sleep Direction – The Ultimate Guide

The energy when you are sleeping

    According to feng shui, when you are asleep, your body is in a passive state of ‘yin.’ This makes your body more susceptible to the ‘qi’ energy surrounding you. Due to this, bed placement affects you in both conscious and unconscious states.

What are we talking about here?

    If you are a beginner in feng shui, you should start with arranging your bed. We are not going to advise you as per the nitty-gritty anecdotes of the practice. In fact, we are advising you as per the proven science and architectural balances of the designs.

    A good night’s sleep requires setting the objects in your bedroom correctly. For, e.g., dark curtains, a comfortable room temperature, proper flow of air, etc. Similarly, feng shui focuses on energy and placement of items to achieve a correct balance of energy flow and manifestation.

    The practice, as such, is based on Eight Directions (Bagua) with each direction encompassing its own positivity and negativities. As per the principles of feng shui, a human body is considered to have a polar-like magnetic attraction. The head has been the north, and the feet are the south.

    If we base this factor on the fundamentals of ‘yin’ and ‘yan’ (opposites attract each other and channel the flow of energy), your head should be placed in the southward direction.

Feng shui ideal directions for sleeping


    When the headboard is placed in the southeast area, it enhances creativity, optimism, and confidence in communicating your thoughts.


    As per feng shui, this area is associated with peace and calm. If you feel restless and not settled in life or relationship, placing the headspace of the bed in the southwest will bring calm and peace.


    The west area is associated with contentment. As per feng shui, If you have a good business or career and want a good night’s sleep, this is the best area to place your bed. It is, however, not ideal for people who have just started a career since it may also bring laziness and less motivation.


    This area in the Bagua layout promotes ambitions and growth. If you are just starting out in your career or business, the east position is the best area to place your bed.

Feng shui Sleeping directions to avoid

    North and Northeast:

    As mentioned earlier, when you are asleep, your body is in the state of “yin.” The head represents the north, and the feet of the body are south. As per feng shui, placing your head on the north area creates repulsions due to polar similarities and may increase various sleep disorders such as insomnia and anxiety.

    True South:

    The energy surrounding the southern area is usually very high. In feng shui, it is not an ideal position to place your head in this direction.

Feng shui bed position tips for sleeping

    In feng shui, the commanding position is the best way to place your bed. In this position, you should be able to see the entrance door and windows when you are lying down. The headboard should be ideally positioned against the main wall that is opposite the front door.

Feng Shui bed layout with relations to door and windows

    It is important that the front door does not open onto any part of your bed. The “chi” that flows from the entrance door is especially strong and may cause problems while you are asleep.

    It is best not to place the headboard against a window. This is called floating positions and tends to expose you to potentially dangerous energy. If this is not avoidable, you can hang heavy drapes on the windows as a feng shui cure.

    Another position to avoid while placing your bed is the ‘coffin position.’ This is a placement where your feet directly points towards the entrance door.

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