How To Create Best Feng Shui For Stairs

You might have heard about the bad reputation of stairs in the philosophy of feng shui. They are very heavy structures that tend to exert a lot of pressure on the floor and throughout the surrounding spaces.

Stairs as a whole lay in the ‘Yin’ category of feng shui, making it an excellent balancer for ‘Yang’ – the other half of the fragment that completes the circle of “Yin and Yang.’

Staircases in feng shui have unique “qi” properties since they constantly radiate unsettling and unpredictable amounts of “upward/downward” energy. This makes it challenging for Feng Shui designers and consultants to design the Bagua layout for your home or office.

Adding ‘Yang’ elements to your stairs is one of the best ways to create a harmonized balance with its “Yin” properties. Most materials required to construct the stairs are based on “Yang” with examples that include materials such as marble, stones, granite, stainless steel, metal binders, and the shapes – circular, square, and rectangular. This gives you a lot of options to balance the overall “qi.”

Stairs Placement and Design based on Feng Shui

Suppose you moved into an already constructed home. In that case, you may have to make some changes to harmonize ‘chi’ that flows across the stairs and surrounds it.

Here are a few ways to understand the feng shui of stairs and using them for your benefit!

Stairs in the Center of your Home or Office

Most feng shui experts would strictly advise against stairs placed in the center of your home or office. But if they are already constructed, then you should consider applying specific feng shui cures to balance its energy.

Try to use hardwood material or granite over the handrail and newel of the stairs. Make sure that the stairs are designed with wider rectangular shapes rather than smaller ones. This also creates more space under the stairs for storage and does not give an impression of enclosed claustrophobia (fear of confined space).

It would be best for you to choose colors from the ‘metal element’ group of feng shui. This adds visual tranquility to your room’s overall aesthetics and a balance between the “yin” and “yang” objects placed in the surroundings.

Feng Shui Colors for Metal:

•All Metallic Colors

Stairs facing the Front Door in Feng Shui

Feng Shui designers and consultants dread this placement and design. However, this is nothing to be afraid of. Your main door or front door of the house is called “The Mouth of ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi.'” This is how the house or office takes in and absorbs the energy nourishment from outside.

Having large foyers is the primary cure for stairs facing the front door. Another feng shui cure is carpeting on staircases. They tend to slow down the rush of energies and evenly distribute the “chi” in the area.

According to feng shui, it is best to avoid red color carpets since they belong to the “fire element” group and represents visuals of devouring flames.

Feng Shui Cures for Stairs

Light up the Stairs:

Well, let the stairs guide the “chi” to the upper levels of the stairs and into the upper floors. A beautiful chandelier can be placed in the foyer since its light will disperse chi energy up the stairs and across your home.

Sturdy stairs:

The railings, spindles, and newel posts should be properly constructed with sturdy design and foundation. If they are shaky or missing spindles, you have to repair them immediately.

Art and Images:

Adding art or photos with good feng shui symbols are a great way to enhance auspicious ‘chi’ surrounding the stairs. You can use photos or paintings of trees, natures, tall buildings, or ceramic vases in the staircase wall or along with the landings.

Add Earth and Fire elements:

Add feng shui cures and remedies based on earth and fire elements around the stairs. These include crystals, painting, ceramics, pottery, etc.

Note that, fire elements should not be used on the stairs since they represent flames and combustion.

Feng Shui Colors for Earth:

•Light Yellow
•Earthy or Sandy colors

Feng Shui Colors for Fire:


Avoid Spiral stairs

The spiral designed stairs not only tend to make you feel disturbed and uncomfortable but affects the flow of chi, draining, and exhausting “chi” from your homes. The spiral design resembles water cascading in a waterfall or a whirlpool in the sea or ocean.

Feng Shui cures to negate the effects are done by using earth and wood elements. Avoid metal elements since they attract and feed water.

New Stairs Placement

If you are building a new home, it is best to avoid pacing stairs in the east, southeast, and southwest spaces and sectors.

Feng shui elements as per stair directions and placement

•The wood element is a better choice for stairs east, southeast, and south space of your home or office.
•The metal element is ideal for the west and northwest sectors of your dwellings.

Feng Shui staircase – Few things to avoid

•Do not face your stair with another stair.
•If it’s new construction, avoid building stairs near the entrance or the middle of the home or office.
•As per feng shui, toilets should not be built at the start, end, or, below the stairs.
•Also, its best advised not to build a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, toilets below the staircase.
•Avoid placing mirrors on the staircase, especially if it directly aligns with the front door.

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