Feng Shui Taboos You Need To Know BEFORE Renting An Apartment

If you are looking for a house to buy or just renting, you must be careful with feng shui taboos before signing the contract. Many people who rent apartments often ignore the importance of feng shui, not knowing that the effects can be detrimental.

Taboos for the home feng shui layout

The door opens, and you see the kitchen or toilet

    In some houses, the first thing you see is the toilet or the kitchen.
    Living in this house will have major repercussions, and you may suffer financially as your business will decline.

Two doors facing each other

    When doors face each other in the same house or different, it is considered a taboo in feng shui. Also, your bedroom should not face the gate directly; otherwise, it is easy to induce the inhabitants of the house to fall into the lustful trap.

Irregular shaped rooms

    If your kitchen is irregularly shaped, it will affect the health of your family. According to feng shui, irregular spaces should only be used for storage.

Building angles facing the front door

    In case of this, it is suggested to use potted plants to protect the front door when a building with sharp angles or corners is right in front of your home.

Overhead beams

    Overhead beams should also not be in the kitchen. Or the stove should not be directly under an exposed overhead beam as it will give the occupants a stressful feeling, and the food cooked will be filled with negative energy, which is harmful to the health.

The beam passes above the bed

    The beam should not be placed in the manner that it passes above the bed, dining table, or desk. If you can’t avoid it, consider designing the ceiling to suppress the effects of the negative energy generated.
    The beam passing over your bed, dining table, or study desk will affect the mood and health of everyone at your home.

Ceiling design

    Keep the ceiling above your head as simple as possible, because when it comes to feng shui and bedroom ceiling, nothing is the best. People like to decorate their ceiling with mirrors or some fanciful art pieces, but this will cause some difficulties in sleeping and the long-term, it will cause health issues.

The door goes straight to the dead end

    This will cause your family constant troubles. Your home should not be like a hotel.

The direction of door openings should be consistent

    What this means is that the door opening inside your house should all be in the same direction. The taboo will occur if some of the doors in your house open to the left while others to the right.

The toilet at the end of a corridor

    This is never good in feng shui, as it can cause health issues.

Column angles are bad for feng shui

    Avoid column angles in your rooms as it can affect your marriage. If it is unavoidable, be sure to use feng shui cures to suppress their harmful forces.


Interior design taboos that you can avoid

Fanciful decoration in the bedroom

    The color of the bedroom should be warm and elegant. It should never be too bright or too dazzling. Things like excessive luxury, sparkling ornaments, etc. are particularly unsuitable for the bedroom.

Mirror near the bed

    This will make it hard for you to fall asleep. This situation will cause the occupant to be in some trance and will not be able to concentrate on their thinking right. If it is really necessary, you should learn the feng shui guidelines for placing mirrors in the bedroom. But try not to put mirrors in the bedroom if possible.

    Mirrors in the bedroom also cause occupants to sleep unsteady, leading to insomnia and nightmares.

The bathroom facing the bed

    This arrangement can cause a lot of problems. If your bedroom faces the toilet, it will cause several health issues to the occupants of the house.

Giant painting in the bedroom is not suitable

    Paintings are always nice accessories to decorate the interior of the house. They add elegance and touch of class. However, you should be careful what kind of painting you hand in your bedroom as some may interfere with your sleep. If possible, don’t have any painting in your bedroom.

Keep the underneath of the bed clean all the time

    Your bed should always be kept clean and free of clutter. Avoid piling up debris under your bed, especially if you are newlywed.

A big window behind the bed is not suitable

    The window at the head of the bed is harmful to feng shui.


Good Feng Shui, how?

Enough of these bad feng shui checklist. Before you feel frustrated and close this tab, let’s look at what’s good feng shui interior, and how you can create positive chi in your home.

The living room is the middle of the house

    Living room located in the middle of the house is a blessing in feng shui. It is believed that a living room should be placed at the center of the house for the occupants to experience happiness all the time.
    The irregular room should not be used as a kitchen.

Evergreen potted plants are good for home’s luck

    To improve the quality of life in your living space, you can use a potted plant recommended by feng shui. Evergreen potted plants are good for helping expel some of the negative chi as well as adding aesthetic value to your home.
    Find a plant that is not easy to wither and deciduous.

Use warm light bulbs

    They are good for enhancing the mood of the occupants of the house. So be sure to use more warm light bulbs and less cold light bulbs or fluorescent lights.
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