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How To Build Your Feng Shui Vision Board

What is a Vision Board and how does it work?

If you are wondering what Vision boards are, and how they help you accomplish your personal and professional milestones, read on!

Vision boards are very easy to make. At first glance, they seem to be ordinary photographs or paintings usually used as décors for home and offices.

You find them hanging on the walls, on desks, and sometimes even at the establishments’ entrance. However, unlike décors only for show and aesthetics, Visual boards have a deeper spiritual meaning.

The Science of Vision Boards

Vision boards have been a part of human civilization since prehistoric times when cave dwellers would draw cave paintings to envision the upcoming hunts.

Modern vision boards are a collage of images, paintings, photographs, and affirmations of dreams, goals, aspirations, and, desires. Just as you do physical exercises to achieve better health and body shape, the vision boards act as short visualization exercises for your mind.

Vision boards might seem simple but have an astounding impact on boosting your untapped potential. Think for them as visual alarms that keep reminding your subconscious psyche about your goals and aspirations.

The continuous reminder trains your mind to work in a synchronized harmony that connects events and opportunities to get you the desired outcome through the power of choice.

Combining Feng Shui and Vision Boards

Tao and Chi

Feng Shui is usually misunderstood as principles for furniture and décor arrangement, but in reality, it is much more than that.

The practice and art of Feng Shui have been a part of China’s culture since 6000 years and roots from the teachings of Tao, who preached that there is energy in every object surrounding us. That powerful energy in Feng Shui terms is ”Chi.”

How does feng shui work?

The principles of Feng Shui imply that we are connected to the space we inhabit; in simple terms, there is no separation between humans and the surroundings: physical or non-physical.

In practice, Feng Shui can be utilized to arrange the objects in our environment in a particular order to create balance and harmony that promotes good health, happiness, and an increased desire to achieve our aspirations.

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Creating Feng Shui Vision Boards

Remember, you are not just your body, mind, and soul, but a part of the environment that surrounds you. Putting your environment in the best possible position will help you achieve a synchronized harmony with your surroundings.

Focus your energy and power towards the desired outcome and combine the art of vision boards and principles of Feng Shui to get the best results. A few steps to ensuring that they work in sync are listed below.

Gathering the right materials and locating the perfect position

Go daydreaming

    Vision boards are powerful mediums that manifest positivity and productivity throughout your home and office. Connecting your vision is the first step. Give yourself some space and meditate or daydream about how your career, relationships, belongings, etc. should shape up.

Gather materials

    Once you have connected to your actual desires and achievements, you need to gather the materials such as images, photographs, or paintings and make a collage of the same.

    It is crucial that you only include what you want and removes anything else from the image collage.

    If you’re going to go goal by goal, collage the images accordingly.

    You do not have to be a professional artist to arrange collections. Be straightforward and create the image collage as per your skills.

    Your Vision Board now requires the power of Feng Shui to bring out its full potential.

    Here is where the positioning matters. Look at the main goals and aspirations that form the vision board, and make sure that it is placed in an area of your home or office that makes the most sense based on the desired outcome.

The right placement

    If the vision board implies an improvement in relationship or love, place it in the bedroom.

    If it indicates an object that you want to own, such as a car, put it in your garage or your office table or even near the exits of your establishments.

    Positioning the vision boards, helps you visualize your goal when required, and reminds you of what is important.

Creating Harmony with Materials

Let’s go 3D now

    Adding 3D Materials to your vision boards is an excellent way to bring out the best results.

    They are more lifelike and connect a lot deeper with your subconscious due to the reality they exhibit.

    These 3D materials could be as simple as gemstones or flower petals that emit positive vibes across your surroundings and adds aesthetics to your vision board designs.


    When creating a Vision Board, you need to set goals and prioritize accordingly. Things like Prosperity/Success, Fame/Aspiration, Family/Relationships, Skills/Knowledge; all differ from each other and need to separate vision boards and positions.

Connecting images accordingly and enhancing their effects with 3D materials is the key.

Orange colored crystals have the impact of fire energy, a ”Chi” that exhibits family and friends’friends’ togetherness, joy, and pleasure; while Golden colored crystals also have the fire energy but work better for accomplishments, success, and ambitions.

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A focused Vision Board

Feng Shui, in its essence, is all about balance, organization, and harmony. Too many goals will not only cluster your mind but also delay the achievements of your ambitions and goals.

Do not overcrowd your Vision board with many images or materials. Besides, you should not have many vision boards in your home or office. Go one step at a time and separate career-related vision boards from personally related vision boards.

Remember, these Vision boards not only serve you as a powerful manifestation tool but also help you to decorate your personal and professional space. Adding some unique designs and materials will not only please you visually but also supplement the décor for your home and office.

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