feng shui guide for wallpaper

Pick The Best Wallpaper With Feng Shui

Wallpapers add serene beauty to the overall aesthetics of our homes and offices. They come in hundreds and thousands of beautiful designs, intriguing textures, and mesmerizing prints that a plain wall cannot exhibit.

Did you know that wallpapers can be used as a Feng Shui object to decorate your walls and produce positive energies across your surroundings?

With Feng Shui cures

    It is imperative to ensure that the other feng shui objects in the area are placed according to the ‘Bagua’ (Map of Feng Shui). These feng shui cures/remedies and the wallpaper should create a harmonious flow of energy rather than disrupt each other’s ‘Qi.’

    When the placement is done correctly, you can immediately sense positive and stimulating energies, ‘Qi.’ enhanced by the wallpaper décor.

Balance and Positive Effects of Feng Shui Wallpapers

    Even a normal wallpaper with scenic designs has a spiritually positive impact on our emotions and feelings. When combined with feng shui and placed in the correct order, the metaphysical effects tend to grow a lot more.

    In simpler words, wallpapers in feng shui are similar to vision boards; the only difference is that it is a larger feng shui object with a lot more enhancement of ‘qi.’

    The larger visuals tend to create a lot more positive significance on your surroundings and also within you, motivating and driving you to accomplish more in your personal and professional lives.

Different Types of Feng Shui Wallpapers

    Laying out the Bagua map correctly and choosing the right kind of wallpaper is key to making a difference in the amount of ‘qi’ generated that surrounds the area.

    There are five feng shui elements, and each of them corresponds to different spatial directions and colors.

    While you can place the Earth and wood element colors such as light red, pink, green that represents warmth, care, and affection at your home, other elements such as Metal and Water are perfect for Business and career-related aspirations.

Here are some designs, colors, and ideas that great for feng shui wallpapers

    Water element:

    In feng shui, the water element is predominantly associated with wealth, money, success, and career-related aspirations. Images and arts of waterfalls are the most preferred types of feng shui. They connect you with the limitless flow of universal abundance and career success.

    Metal element:

    Another element that works wonder for wealth and career aspirations is the “Metal Element.” Wallpapers with metal-based designs with colors such as white, gray, etc. are perfect feng shui for your workspace.

    Swimming Fish:

    The Chinese phonetic character for fish is “Yu,” which also means “having enough food leftovers.” This phrase also implies abundance. You can use beautiful wallpapers with images of fish to enhance the “qi” in your workspace.

    Horse Symbol:

    The horse is a powerful symbol in feng shui that brings in the energy of fame, success, freedom, and speed. Wallpapers with galloping horses and colors related to the water and metal symbols are great for your career and success area.

    Other Elements:

    Art and images of other symbols such as dragon, tiger, lotus, etc. also enhance the “qi” relating wealth, power, money, career, and abundance.

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