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Feng Shui & Water Fountain Placement. You Need To Know This

Feng Shui Water Fountain and Placement

    In feng shui, the water fountain signifies the water element. It thus follows strict placement guidelines as other items that represent the water element.

    If you plan to have a water fountain in your home or office and don’t know where to start, I have prepared this short, compact article to walk you through the most important things you need to know.

Water Fountain Placement and Reasons Why

    Front Door

    Placing a water fountain in your front door brings about many benefits.

    The movement of water enhances and supports the free flow of positive energy.

    But the direction of the flow of water is very important in this case.

    When you place the fountain outside your main entrance, ensure that the water in the fountain flows in the direction door and not away from it. This allows chi to flow into your home and not away from it.

    On the other hand, when placed inside your front door, make sure the water in the fountain flows in the direction of your interiors and not outwards. This will push the energy (chi) back out.

    In the Eastern Area

    The house’s eastern area is the family sector, which is ruled by the element of wood. By placing a water fountain in this area, you will be nourishing and strengthening the wood element, thus nurturing the family relationships.

    In the Southeast Area

    This is the abundance area, which is also governed by the wood element. The water fountain will feed the wood. To further strengthen the energy of prosperity and abundance, drop a few coins in the water.

    In the Northern Area

    The northern area of your home or office is for career and work. This area is ruled by the water element.

    In the Office

    The office is where the career energy should be nourished, and therefore, placing a water fountain here is propitious.

Places to Avoid

    The Bedroom

    Water fountains are not ideal for the bedroom because the bedroom is governed by fire, and water extinguishes fire. Thus your marital passion will wane.

    Southern Area

    This location is governed by the fire element of feng shui. By placing a water fountain here, you will douse the fire element, which nourishes your fame and recognition.


    The bathroom is already filled with water elements due to showering, bathing, as well as other activities that take place there. Thus by placing a water fountain here, you may create an excess of water energy, which is not healthy.

    Under a Staircase

    In feng shui, placing a water fountain under a staircase is believed to be inauspicious. It can bring about some negative effects on the health of the occupants.


    While it is not technically a bad idea to place a water fountain outdoors, the problem is that you may not understand exactly where it should be positioned to reap its benefits and avoid bad energy. Use the Bagua to map your outdoor space to find the perfect space for the water fountain’s placement.

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