Does Feng Shui REALLY Work? The Honest Answer

So does feng shui really work?

Yes, feng shui works, but there are numerous caveats to this answer.

First, it depends on which school of feng shui you use and how you use the knowledge. There are several schools of feng shui, each with practices and principles that work differently.

Some people have reported achieving success with Traditional feng shui alongside Flying Star and compass. So you may have success with one type of feng shui and less result with others.

The different schools of feng shui include:

Traditional classical feng shui:

This form utilizes a form and or landscape compass, the Lo Shu square, calculations, and the Bagua. Also included are the Eight Mansions, Flying Star, and Four Pillars and are parts of the compass study.

Black Hat Feng Shui:

This type of feng shui was developed in the West in the 1980s and is based upon a mix of Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, and classical feng shui.

Intuitive/Modern Feng Shui:

This school of feng shui is defined as the Western adaption of the traditional classical feng shui principles with cures that are more contemporary.

Another Reasons

Reason #1

The second thing that will determine whether feng shui works for you is your level of commitment.

You can’t just apply the principles of feng shui that you like while ignoring the ones that you find unpleasant.

For instance, some feng shui cures are quite difficult to apply, like water treatments, as they need to be applied consistently.

For you to benefit from feng shui, you need to be committed to doing all it takes, including applying all the cures in the right methods recommended.

Reason #2

Another thing you need to do to reap the benefits of feng shui is to incorporate it into several aspects of your life. This is similar to making a commitment to the principles of feng shui.

Why feng shui may not be working for you?

There are several reasons why feng shui may not be working for you, including:

You didn’t fully implement the suggested changes

This is the most common reason why feng shui may not be working for you. This is usually the case if only one member of the family seeking feng shui helps while others resist the idea.

You only implement a few tips

This is also a common reason you feng shui is not working for you. If you implement feng shui tips in beats, it will surely not work for you.

A single feng shui change will not produce any results.

You didn’t apply the right cures

Because feng shui is highly commercialized today, you may be tempted to buy cures that are not right for you. For instance, you may read that feng shui Bagua mirrors can solve all your problems. This doesn’t seem right since feng shui doesn’t work like magic, and there is no one-solution fits all method.

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