How To Feng Shui Your Career With Simple Steps

We all face challenges in our careers and growth. Sometimes they are easy to overcome. In other instances, you might need a little help in arranging and decorating your workspace according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Activating good feng shui around your workplace and arranging visually progressive objects as per the Bagua layout tends to strengthen the flow of “Qi” into your career aspirations and goals.

According to Feng Shui principles, there are specific areas in your office and even your home that facilitates the flow of good energy for your career developments.

In Bagua

In the Classical Bagua map, this area was known as the Path of/in Life. This also translates to success and achievement in the career map. You can follow the below-mentioned tips and suggestions to attract career success and growth.

Arrange Smaller desk objects to your right for Creativity & Insight

Objects such as phones, books, and photo frames should be arranged on the right side of your desk. This leaves the left side of your visuals open for the left part of your brain to imagine and animate projects relating to creativity, insights, and intuition.

Arrange Smaller desk objects to your left for Logic and Maths

If your job demands analytics, logic, science, and math, it is best to arrange the objects on your desk’s left side. This opens of space for your right side visuals and allows the right brain to compute and summarize activities such as logic and analytics.

Vision boards and Visual Maps

In Feng Shui, Vision Boards are a powerful medium to enhance your inner potential and success ambitions.

These objects create a psychological drive that keeps you motivated even when there are roadblocks or hindrance in your career path.

They are very easy to make and only require simple items and materials such as a photo of an admired leader or art that inspires you. If you want to know more about vision boards, click here.

Get a small money plant for your work desk

Plants symbolize life, and more importantly, they illustrate the Feng Shui power of energy and growth. A small money plant can be placed on your work desk space to enhance the “qi” surrounding your work area. Check out the list of Feng Shui money plants here.

It is very important to maintain it well because a withering or dying plant is not good Feng Shui. A best practice is to avoid cactus or any other plants with thorns or too many flowers since they may be counterproductive to your visuals and work energy. Also, do not use fake plants since they tend to attract negative energy and lower your self-esteem.

Music in your Ears

Most workplaces are spaces of tension and anxiety. It could be due to work pressure, demanding superiors, project deadlines, etc. This creates negative energy around your workspace, known as “Sha Qi,” as per Feng Shui.

To create harmony and balance at your work, play some music. This not only calms and soothes your temper and stress but is also good for Feng Shui. The best part is that you can listen to any type of music that you like and motivates you.

Activate the Bagua Area of the North

The water element, as per Feng Shui is a powerful cure that relates to your career and success. Here are some good Feng Shui cures for your career area.

Fish Aquarium

A fish tank is considered very auspicious in Feng Shui. It has all five elements combined into one cure. Fish, as per Chinese phonetic character sounds as “Yu,” which also means ‘to have enough food leftovers’ that is a sign of abundance.

As per Feng Shui, when the aquarium and fish are cleanly and healthily maintained, they become a powerhouse for attracting wealth and abundance.

Small running Fountain

Flowing water represents life, and still, water represents stagnancy. A water fountain is an excellent Feng Shui cure for your career-related aspirations. It brings in more “chi” into your workspace surroundings.

Water Fall Painting or Photo

Hanging a photo or a waterfall painting in your workspace is a simpler Feng Shui cure. It visually represents revitalization and renewing energies.

Stagnant natural bodies

It is better to avoid paintings and photos of stagnant bodies of water, such as lakes or ponds. They create visuals of dormant and idle energies and are considered as bad Feng Shui.


Another good water element cure as per Feng Shui is a big mirror that is either round or oval in shape. It not only adds charm to the interiors but also creates good “chi.”

Metal Elements

If you cannot add water-based cures due to work-related restrictions, you can use metal elements instead. These can include metal furniture, metal photo frames, small metal objects, etc.

Black and White – Photos, Images, Wallpapers

The colors black and white are synonymous with the water element. They represent a strong presence of professionalism and are excellent Feng Shui for workspace.

You can either use large wallpapers of people you admire, or even black and white striped patterns would do.

The presence of the image/photos should be strong. Hence make sure that they are large enough to create admiration and are positioned beautifully.

North Feng Shui Cure Objects

There are other smaller items such as the Horse statue, Ru Yi, or the Dragon Statue that can be used as excellent Feng Shui cures since they symbolize success and growth.

The South Bagua Area

Balancing “Yin” and “Yan” is essential to create harmony and symmetry in the overall flow of positive energy. The fire element rules the south as per the Bagua map and represents success and fame. This directly correlates with your career and ambitions.

Since the fire element is a very powerful Feng Shui cure, it is best to express these elements in a very subtle way. Cures such as candles, colors, and images representing fire, a fireplace, or even a piece of red furniture works very well for the southern area of the Bagua layout.

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