How To Attract All The Good Luck You Deserve With Feng Shui

Feng Shui started over 6000 years ago as a protection exercise against natural disaster, it has evolved to include spirituality and philosophy to attract good health, wealth and luck.

Achieve Better Luck With

Feng shui can guide you to achieve better luck by:

Crystals And Water

Adding appropriate elements to the luck side you wish to activate. Elements such as crystals and water are used for example love and relationship luck and career luck respectively.


Use paintings in your office to decorate your desk to a command position to attract career luck.

Feng Shui Art Pieces

Boost your luck with art pieces recommended by feng shui.

black buddha gemstone

Do’s And Don’ts

There are dos and don’ts in feng shui, the former will attract good lack while the later bad luck if don’t avoid them.

The do’s

Add feng shui dragon symbol

    Feng shui dragon is an influential and lucky traditional feng shui cure and strong symbol that connects to the male energy of strong yang.

    Decorate this powerful symbol with a crystal or pearl in the claw to attract power, wealth, and abundance.

Get a chi lins

    These figurines of ancient Chinese mythical creatures will bring to your abundance of luck and life opportunities as well as good health.

    The creature has a head of a dragon, body of a horse and covered by scales of a Carp fish. This Chinese Unicorn is a protective energy that will bring luck to your life.

Look for a Bagua mirror

    Feng shui Bagua mirror is a peculiar round mirror with an octagonal wooden frame accompanied by several feng shui colors. The mirror will protect against the negative energies that can bring bad luck into your life.

Decorate your house with a tortoise statue

    The tortoise plays an important role in feng shui philosophy. It is among the four Guardians or Celestial Animals that protects good feng shui energy. The use of this creature dates back to the beginning of feng shui practices.

patterns decorations bedroom red pendant

Wear Dzi Beads

    Dzi is Tibetan for ‘shine, brightness, clearness, and splendor,” but in Chinese, it means “heaven’s pearls.” The beads resemble an eye, which was one of the most powerful symbols in many ancient civilizations. The beads will be all-seeing and will protect you from energies that bring bad luck.

Get a mystic knot

    One of the commonly used feng shui symbols, the mystic knot will bring into your life happiness and good fortune. With its combination of six times infinity symbol, the mystic knot will ensure the harmonious flow of positive energy without any roadblocks.

Fix everything that is broken

    Find everything that is broken in your house or office and fix them or get rid of them. Anything that is not working properly, from lighting, stove, to leaky plumbing, ensure they are all fixed. Broken things in your house allow negative feng shui energy into your space.

Soft linens

    Soft materials in your home promote a sense of comfort and calm.

Plant a lucky seed

    How about just jumping right into it and plant a lucky seed? A lucky seed is usually planted in the far left corner of the house with three shiny coins under the pot. To expand your fortune even further, grow the plant in a blue pot.

Locate your wealth area

    When you talk about good luck, you mean being happy, and prosperous. Thankfully, feng shui practices can help you attract good luck that brings wealth. In your house, there is a “wealth” area that you need to locate and take good care of it.

    Decorate the location with feng shui symbols of wealth and other items that symbolizes abundance and prosperity.

    Among the things you can decorate your “money” area with include lucky money tree, three-legged frog, laughing Buddha, gold coins, pieces of jewelry and gems, and many others.


Let in good energy via your main entrance

    The most important part in your house as far as feng shui is concerned is the main entrance. Your door should be clear and clean to allow qi to flow inside your house. The pathway should be clutter-less, with no obstructions so that nothing blocks the flow of feng shui energy.

Maintain a clutter-less home

    This relates closely to the point above. After allowing in the chi energy through a clear entrance, the paths inside the house should also be clear without any obstructions so that the energy can flow uninterrupted to different baguas of your house.

Use color red

    The most auspicious color in feng shui is red. This color brings good luck, abundance, and blessings to anyone who wears it or decorates their home with. If you want good luck with both personally and financially, then wear red clothes or red makeups such as lipsticks or wear red accessories.

    You can also paint the front of your main door red if your house is facing south to invite luck inside.

    Consider using red envelopes to give money gifts or paying utility bills, or even just carrying in your purse or wallet with a coin inside. Red envelopes can bring luck into the life of eh giver and receiver.

Get a fish

    The gentle, rising and falling movement of a fish can activate your luck. According to feng shui, a fish tank or an aquarium should be placed in front of the main entrance, the far left corner of your house, or the center of the left side of your house.

gemstones sunglight

The don’ts

Attracting luck is not a problem, but which kind of luck are you attracting? If there is good luck, then it is conclusively right to say there is the other side of good which is bad, thus bad luck does exist too. And it can be attracted into our life if we do things that can activate the bad in our home.

Here are things to avoid if you want to have good luck.

Don’t leave dead or withering plants in your home

    Houseplants bring a sense of vibrancy and freshness into our homes. They clean the air and create an aesthetic value. But it is a responsibility to keep a plant in a house.

    You need to take care of it and ensure it thrives. But is you ignore them to the point that they wither or die, you will face the implications. Dead or withering plants represent death in feng shui and will attract negative energy into your house.

Don’t keep a plain, dull entrance

    Your main entrance is the mouth of the feng shui energy and represents an entrance in which all sorts of opportunities come to our lives. Make your main door inviting and luck will start pouring in.

Don’t have clutter

    Our homes have precise energy centers according to feng shui. These energy centers are connected to our lives. A lot of clutter and objects in the house will interfere with these energies and prevent them from reaching us.

    Removing clutter from your house will free up important corresponding chi centers including the ones connected to our health, career, wealth, family, and love relationship.

    Anything that is not useful should be removed from the house to allow the flow of positive feng shui energy.

neon signs chinese feng shui

Don’t keep disempowering artwork in your home

    Instead, replace it with art or paintings that uplift and empower you to greatness.

Don’t ignore nature in your home

    Plants, water, and even animals all contain vibrant positive energy that can enliven your home. Add items from nature to your home including plants, fabrics, textures, objects, and colors or paintings that represent it.

Don’t sleep, work, or sit in a disempowered position

    Map out the commanding position in your office and home and arrange your furniture and bed according to the position. You need to seat or sleep in a manner that you can see the path or the door, but not directly aligned with it.

Don’t have unfriendly objects in your home

    This includes furniture, and weapons, and should be removed or kept far from the vicinity. For example, kitchen knives should be out of sight, while sharp-edged furniture should be swapped with round-edged ones.


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