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Principles of Taoism

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that takes its roots from the principles of Taoism, a Chinese philosophical doctrine dating back to around 6000 years. Initially practiced in secret only by the Imperialist royals of China, it gained popularity and widespread recognition for its teachings and principles that lead to good health, wealth, and prosperity.

Wind and Water

The core principle of Feng Shui is simple. In literal terms, Feng means ‘wind,’ and Shui means ‘water.’ Since these two elements of nature are associated with good health and wealth. The range of Feng Shui categorization is vast, from easy tips on décor and objects placements at your home to intricate calculations based upon the various branches of its scholarly study, including philosophy, physics, and astronomy.

Feng shui may sound a little esoteric, but if you get to understand the philosophy behind it, you will instantly discover the countless benefits of being connected to your home and how it can affect your mood and general well-being.

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