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How To Choose The Best Pendant Lights For Your Home

Pendant lights are available in many decorative designs and sizes with different functionalities. Choosing the right pendant light will add exquisite aesthetics to your Décor while the wrong one can mess up your whole space.
The type of pendant lighting you need would depend mainly on what types of lightening are already installed in your room.

There are different styles for practically every room in your home. Interior Designers usually recommend a medium-sized ceiling light rather than too big or too small. This is to make sure that the fixture harmoniously compliments your room without appearing overwhelming or too small.

Important things to consider for Pendant Lighting

  • Types
  • Functionalities
  • Scalability

Types of Pendant Lights

As mentioned above, Pendant lights come in different styles, sizes, and materials. Each uniquely designed for different kinds of rooms. These can be made of many materials such as glass, metal, fabric, plastic, paper, wood, etc. A few types of Pendant lights are listed below.

  • Lantern
  • Drum
  • Dome
  • Mini
  • Bowl
  • Cone
  • Cage
  • Globe

The styles are not limited to these only. Designers and manufacturers create various designs every year.

Functionalities of Pendant Lighting

The functionalities of pendant lighting can broadly be described in three categories. These depend on how you use the ceiling fixtures and where you plan to install them.

Decoration and Style

    Since these light fixtures come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and materials, most people install them for their decorative aesthetics and as the focal point of any room of the house.

Task Lighting

    The pendant lighting fixture is also used for task lighting for activities such as reading, cooking, writing, grooming, etc. The preferred locations for task lighting are the kitchen, office, dining room, and bathroom.

Ambiance Lighting

    Many pendant fixtures in the market have the functionality of dimming or changing colors. These can be used to set a particular type of ambiance in your room.

Scalability: Clearance, Height, and Diameter of a Pendant Light Fixture

An expert can determine the Height and Diameter of the light fixture based on your room dimensions. For the clearance, it is easier to calculate since they are universally the same.

Clearance for Living rooms and bedrooms

    7 feet clearance is typical for light fixtures in these rooms. If you have a lower ceiling, say with 8-foot height, you would need a low profile flush mount to get the right amount of clearance and lighting requirements.

Clearance for Bathrooms

    If you plan to fix the Pendant light above your bathtub, keep at least 8 feet between the top of the tub and the bottom of the fixture. Again, this rule is not applicable for lower ceilings. You can still choose a low profile flush mount in this case but do keep in mind the 7 feet clearance rule.

Clearance for Kitchens

    Pendants and mini pendant lights are commonly used in the kitchen to providing ambient and task lighting. They are not only beautiful, but their functionality helps you with various tasks such as cooking, cutting, washing, etc. Again, the clearance of the pendant fixtures for the kitchen varies as per the ceiling height and your kitchen island table height.

    The most commonly used Pendant lightings for the kitchen are Mini Pendants, Linear suspensions Pendants, Drum Pendants, and, multi-light pending light. You can check out the best Kitchen Pendant Lightings here.

Another important factor to consider?

Another factor to consider while buying Pendant light fixtures is with or without a plug option. For most Light fixtures, the cable is integrated into the false ceiling and draws electricity from the internal connections within the ceiling. This, however, would require hiring a professional electrician to do the job. With the plugin option, you do not have to hire anyone since it is effortless to install and you can also remove it and install it in other rooms.

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