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Feng Shui & Dealing With Doors That Align Together

The door is a reference element in feng shui. The main entrance is the most important because it will determine the quality of the energy that flows throughout the building.

However, for each room, the doors control the entrance of the qi. Thus, their alignment has to be put into consideration.

Whether it is the main door or the access doors to the different rooms of a place, the doors are an element often studied carefully. Indeed, where it is, and the door’s alignment will allow for the transmission of different kinds of energy.

The mouth of Chi

Furthermore, according to Feng Shui, – the doors have a great symbolic value. They represent the beginning of a space; according to Feng Shui, it is also called the ” mouth of chi.” This is where good energies will come in. If the environment is harmonious, it will ensure the well-being of the residents.

Doors are essential as they are the input of energy into an environment, as earlier highlighted. When the incoming energy flow is constant, harmonious, and balanced, we can say that its occupants enjoy good health, good relationships, and prosperity in life. However, if doors align together, they can negatively affect the health of homeowners and other aspects of their lives.

Why are doors that are aligning together considered bad feng shui?

As feng shui entails creating the right flow of energy in your home, direct alignment of your doors will create a discomforting feng shui energy that resembles Sha Chi.

It is important to prevent straight alignment between the rear door and the front door. The reason you want to avoid this situation is that all the right energy of feng shui that comes in through the front door will easily escape through the rear door without having a chance to move around and saturate the house.

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How to deal with doors that are aligning together?

Now, what easy feng shui solutions are available to you if you live in a home with direct door alignment? Depending on the type of home you choose, as well as your decorating style, here are some easy solutions on how to deal with doors that are aligning together:

Get rid of excess doors

    Most times, when at least 3 doors are aligned together, then one among the doors will be meaningless for the occupants of the house. Often, such doors are usually made for aesthetic or decorative purposes. As a result, getting rid of such redundant doors ought to be urgently considered.

Partition wall

    Sometimes, getting rid of doors in the house tends to be the wrong choice because they could have been built for important purposes. As a result, setting up a wall comes as a great option to consider. When we speak of erecting a wall, this may not refer to building an actual wall of bricks. This could also imply making use of screens, curtains, or shelves to stand like a wall.

Make use of tables and flowers

    To deal with doors that align together, you can put a table directly in the path of energy. This would slow down the moving energy, as well as change its direction. Placing a right vase on the table containing flowers will work to further enhance the energy.

Make use of paintings

    Diverse paintings tend to serve the same way as plants with regards to redirecting moving energy around the home.

Use the height of a right plant

    To deal with doors that are aligning together – feng shui way, you can use the height of a right plant by placing it directly on the path of the flowing energy. Using feng shui from an ideal plant in a proper pot would achieve the same effect as changing the direction of the energy.

Change the position of your furniture

    To deal with doors that align together, you can change the position of your existing furniture to redirect the flow of energy. If there is a large amount of space between the doors that are already aligned directly, set up a nice grouping or conversation area between doors. You can further boost the available energy by using rugs.

Make use of mirrors

    Misaligned doors (malocclusion) cause communication problems between people and are harmful to health. One way to deal with this problem is to use mirrors on the side of the door, making them look the same size and imparting a sense of balance.

Work with colors

    You can make use of colors to change the relationship which exists between the doors. To adjust the relationship between two or more aligned doors, and decrease the power, pick the right feng shui color for space, and strengthen one door more than the other.
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