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Feng Shui For A Successful Restaurant – This Is What You Must Know

How to feng shui a restaurant?

Restaurants and food establishments are one of the easiest businesses to start. Almost every street has a couple of restaurants and food stalls. One of the reasons for this is that it is cost-effective to start a restaurant compared to businesses such as the footwear store.

A large number of restaurants and food stalls means the market is competitive. So if you are thinking of starting a restaurant, you are going to need strategies that will help you acquire and maintain customers.

Branding and marketing techniques

You can use many branding and marketing techniques to position your restaurant ahead of the competition, but those techniques alone are not enough. That is where feng shui comes in.

Feng shui is not just for our homes. The principles can also be used by restaurateurs who want to boost their revenues. Feng shui can help you as a restaurant owner in many ways, including choosing the colors of your business, how and where to position your restaurant entrance, and many more.

The element of fire

According to feng shui, restaurants are ruled by the element of fire. For this reason, you need to utilize this element and the colors assigned to it when designing your food establishment.

The restaurant is a fire business because of all the cooking that occurs, with a single restaurant containing several ovens, open-flame stoves, boilers, and microwaves, among other cooking stoves.

The five elements and their corresponding colors.

The southern area

Being ruled by feng shui fire element means that as a restaurant owner, you need to pay close attention to the south area of the business. This is where the fire element resides.

This also means that your kitchen should be set up in the southern section of the restaurant.

Moreover, the south area is also responsible for reputation and status. Thus, activating this area will also give you and your business a boost for recognition luck.

To see the colors that represent each area of your home, click here.

The northern area

On the other hand, the north is the region where the water element resides and represents wealth. So the energy in this area will not be able to attract wealth for you if it is ever busy with putting out the fire energy.

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The kitchen can’t be in the south?

If it is not possible to set up the kitchen in the south, the other equally lucky areas are:

    • Northeast
    • West
    • Southwest

This means you should never locate the kitchen in the North or Northwest.

This is because, with all that fire, a kitchen in the northwest will create a situation called ‘fire at heaven’s gate.”

The ‘fire at heaven’s gate’ is where the Chien trigram is located.

This will cause serious hardship and issues for patriarchs. It is also the perfect recipe for a catastrophic business venture.

Chairs and tables

It is good to place chairs and tables for customers in the north area of the restaurant. It is recommended to have some water features in this area.

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Landscape Feng Shui

When setting up a restaurant food establishment, you must use the 4 celestial animals.

Black Tortoise

    For a restaurant, which is considered a retail store, it means you should already have a tortoise at the back to offer support and open space at the main entrance.

The Azure Dragon/ Green dragon

    Place a green dragon on the left and white tiger on the right. The left and right are determined when you are facing out of the restaurant, not when you are facing inside.

Left and right

    The left side represents males, while the right represents females.

    This means that if you are a male restauranteur, the left of your restaurant should be more active than the right. And if you are a female owner, the right side should be more active than the left side.

Ying and Yang

    Besides, yang energy, which represents good fortune, usually moves from left to right.

    By moving your entrance from right to left, you don’t only activate the dragon, but also switches the movement of water, in the form of customer traffic, from yin to yang.

    Another ideal configuration for female restaurant owners is wide open on the right side of the windows. In contrast, the left side is wholly walled up.

    If this is the case, use blinders or posters to cover up this right side in a way that the wide-open space on the tiger side is concealed.

General Feng Shui Tips for Restaurants


    Use plants in your interior decoration to help block pointed areas as well as conceal unattractive protruding areas of the walls. Plants also help clean the air in your space.

The cashier desk

    The cashier desk should be placed in the north or northeast area of the restaurant. The desk must have a strong support wall at the back.


    Since your restaurant is ruled by the element of fire, the right colors to use are red, purple, and green. But if these colors clash with your personal feng shui, consider balancing things out to create harmony.

    For instance, if your personal element is metal and the red of fire can harm you. Then consider using some earth shades to harmonize the conflicting elements since fire would nourish the earth, will, in turn, will feed metal.

The location of your restaurant

The location of your restaurant is important for the attraction of chi energy.
A great feng shui location for a restaurant has the following features:

    • Suitable grounds to set up the restaurant or ground on which the restaurant is already located.
    • A robust supportive feature behind the restaurant building, without any steep drop-offs.
    • A balance of buildings on either side.
    • Open space, including a parking lot, garden, water feature, etc. in front of the restaurant.

Always consider the interaction of the five elements when decorating the interior of your restaurant. These five elements contribute to chi energy, and they include water, wood, metal, fire, and earth.

Feng shui is strongly influenced by these elements and is also connected to planets, colors, seasons, and directions. Every item you place in your restaurant will have either a positive or negative energy.

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