design logo with feng shui method

Besides helping you create a harmonized home, feng shui can also help you select the most auspicious shape for your company logo and its design. If you have improved your home with good feng shui, it is only logical to ensure that your workplace is also energized to harness this principle’s benefits.

Your company logo is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you want to use feng shui. While many people would just live it to the hands of graphic designers to come up with the colors and shape of your logo, it is essential to every element in the logo does not conflict with the principles of feng shui.

Remember Ying and Yang?

To create a logo in feng shui, you need to be aware of the four basic elements that govern this philosophy, and which can guide you on how to design the symbol of your logo. These elements involve the five concepts that are core to the theory of yin and yang.

Ying and yang are simply opposite but complementary forces according to feng shui. The two forces are interdependent and interconnected, a phenomenon known as duality. According to the principle of yin and yang, everything on earth has a yin and yang aspect. And in feng shui, these elements combine to manifest certain types of energies.

Feng Shui Elements

Using feng shui, you will be able to know the color, images, shape, font, directions, and many other aspects that should be included in your logo. Just like you and your home, your business is also associated with the five elements of feng shui, which include: earth, water, metal, fire, and wood.

Each element contains specific characteristics that are unique to different types of business. This means you need to understand which of these elements best represents your business as well as the services it offers.

Wood Element

    The wood element represents education, clothing, and paper. This means that if you run a school or a daycare, the element of wood would be for your business.

Fire Element

    Fire is perfect for a business that involves creativity and is forward-thinking and is fast-paced.

Metal Element

    The metal element is suitable for businesses associated with finances and technology. So if your business is in the banking sector or a startup tech, then you should include the element of metal in the logo.

Water Element

    The water element is usually associated with cleanliness, purity, and relaxation, thus when starting or if you already own a business in the beauty industry, you should incorporate the water element in the logo.

Earth Element

    The earth element is for businesses in the construction and agricultural industries.

Choose an element that relates to your business and start creating an astounding logo!

Elemental conflicts

However, you need to avoid elemental conflicts and clashes when using the feng shui elements for your logo. This means that if your business is represented by the element water, colors white, blue, and green are perfect for the logo while yellow and red will create elemental conflicts, therefore all should be avoided.

The shape

Moreover, shapes like circles (metal), waves (water), and rectangles (wood) would not conflict with the business represented by the element of nature. But triangles (fire) and squares (earth) can cause conflicts of the elements.

If you already created a logo that does not follow the rules of feng shui, you can minimize the color clashes by including all the five elements. This can be achieved through color and shapes in the logo.

Color representations for feng shui logo

Color is a powerful tool in business. Customers usually respond to colors and images first and deeply than words. So, it is essential to identify the best feng shui colors for your business logo.

You can define the color for your logo after establishing which element guides your business. Keep in mind that a color that you choose for your logo can determine the success of your business, and any color clash with the element will limit the returns. Here is each element with corresponding color and shape representation:

  • Wood: Green and brown – Rectangle or Blocks
  • Fire: Red and purple – Triangle or sharp
  • Earth: Orange and yellow – Square or cube
  • Metal: White and gold – Circle or sphere
  • Water: Blue and black – waves or irregular

How to design a logo in feng shui?

With all this in mind, you can proceed to create a logo for your business that will complement the feng shui energy flow in your business.

Before you get into designing a logo, let us first look at the tips for creating a feng shui logo. Never use negative images and associations in your logo. Color is essential. Be sure to enhance your logo with colors that you feel are missing from the frequencies of your company name. You can use numerology to establish the colors that are missing.

Use the five feng shui elements to enhance your brand

The logo should illustrate growth; remember a bad logo can stop your business from growing.

Avoid poison arrows hitting your logo. Poison arrows are simply an accumulation of negative energy that hit the home or workplace or logo. Try to smooth the edges of the letters or objects in your logo.

Choose harmony in the design of the logo. Many businesses include an arch in their logos; while it is nothing wrong with it, never let the arch run through the logo. In feng shui, it means that you cut through the logo and, therefore, your business in half.