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How To Improve Your Sleep With Feng Shui In 2 Steps

The principles of feng shui utilize the elements and directions to help us have a harmonious relationship with our home.

Incorporating these methods into your bedroom can help you have a sound sleep without stress and tension.

Let’s see how you can take advantage of the feng shui principles to ensure you have a tranquil and better sleep in your bedroom.

Bedroom feng shui

Feng shui (風水) is the most current with its history dating back just 6000 years ago. Feng shui originated from China before it spread to the other parts of the world. It harmonizes people with their living or working space. The system is based on the life force energy or qi (氣). Qi is the major block of feng shui as it connects the orientation of a building with its natural surroundings.

Feng shui uses these principles to balance the energy by providing guidelines for proper furniture arrangement and other items in the house.

The bedroom is the most crucial room to apply feng shui principles. It is the place where we recharge ourselves after a long and tiresome day. It is the most sacred of all the rooms in the house.

In feng shui, the bed size is crucial for you to have a restful sleep as well as healthy love life, even if you are currently single, it is suggested to have a bigger bed like a queen-size bed.

The bedroom should not be too big as the living room

Bed Be Placed Against The Wall

    The bed should be placed against a solid wall in a way that it can provide a clear view of the door but not directly aligned with the door.

Relationship With The Door

    If you place the bed directly facing the door will leave you vulnerable.
    The bedroom should also not in a way that when you sleep, your back faces the door.

The Element Of Wood

    Place a wood headboard or a bed frame. A headboard or a bedframe plays an important role in ensuring you’re a feng shui bedroom. The element of wood in the headboard represents support for your body and energy while sleeping.

    If you can’t get a headboard, consider adding large pillows against the head of your bed. The bed should also not be blocking a window or beneath it, as this will disrupt your sleep.


    Be careful with mirrors in the bedroom. In feng shui, mirrors are believed to create an active chi that keeps the room awake during the night. If you must have a mirror in your bedroom, you should cover it at night to calm the chi energy.

    Colors in your bedroom should be subtle or lighter tones, mostly pastels such as cream, beige, or brown. You can paint the walls in calm colors like light green or blue.


    Although not encouraged, you can also add a plant in your bedroom if the room is too big, and the plant should be located in a far corner of the bedroom. If you can’t find an appropriate plant, a flower can do.

    The plants are discouraged in the bedroom because they also create active energy that can disrupt your sleep. But other feng shui experts recommend plants as long as you can take good care of them.

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Items for better sleep with feng shui

Below are items that you can place in your bedroom to improve your sleep.

  • Crystals
  • Amethyst (place it under your bed)
  • A pair of mandarin ducks
  • Slat lamp

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