It’s Time to support Local Business!

Local Vendors, commonly known as small businesses, account for 90% of the businesses worldwide. The staggering numbers show the importance of local vendors for not only the economy of the globe but also our own community and habitat. 

For the past decade, large enterprises and online stores with massive funding and long-chain supplies have captured the market; however, for a couple of years, a new movement has begun.

Go Local

This movement has taken consumers away from large, emotionless big-boxes, and established a sense of responsibility among the customers to buy more from local vendors and support small businesses.

Local vendors include grocery retailers, local mechanics, gift shops, restaurants, local farmers that provide fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, etc. If you take a drive through your own neighborhood, you will find many small businesses catering to the local area.  

When you consider how many small businesses surround your community, it is hard to imagine how much time and commitment these vendors have contributed. This, in itself, is not a small feat.  

When you support local vendors as a consumer, you enjoy benefits that you can never get from shopping at large national stores.

The Advantages

Improving your Family’s health and wellness:

When you buy from local farmers, you know exactly what you are getting. These farmers usually do not utilize harmful chemicals and pesticides to grow their products.  

  • Fruits and vegetables are most likely to be chemical-free.

  • Meats from cattle and poultry do not contain preservatives since they are not packed, nor are they shipped for long distances.
  • Eggs are fresher and usually from the same-day batch.
  • Diary from cattle is most likely to come from free-range grazing.
  • In fact, locally grown and certified organic food is assured to give you more nutrients and does not contain any artificial chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers.
  • Minimum or nullifying the use of artificial chemicals has a positive impact on the environment.
  • Other benefits of buying local produce are that they are full of natural and authentic flavors.
  • Since they are mostly picked on the same day, seasonal plants are mostly not hybrid, and the food supply chain is safer than the commercial chains. 
  • Other local vendors such as mechanics, medical stores, gift shops, boutiques, etc. give you a more personalized experience, better customer service, and are available in times of need and emergency. 
  • Provide more Jobs and Better Wages:

    Historically when we look at how massive cities were formed, an undeniable fact becomes known. When there is work, there are jobs, and when there are jobs, there are people who move to the place and make it their home. 

    Most large corporations, at one point, were small businesses. They mostly grew with the help of the local community and slowly expanded their outreach.  

    Astoundingly, 90% of the jobs across the world are created by small and local businesses. When you buy or invest in your local business, you have a powerful and positive effect on your overall local area’s health and economy.  

    Also, local vendors are more likely to pay higher wages to their employees than large corporations are.     

    Personality and Personalized Character:

    People, like you and me, run independent businesses. They make personal decisions based on the cultural aspects and best interests of their walk-in customers. On the other hand, unconcerned board members, stockholders, and computer algorithms run large businesses and online stores. 

    Small businesses try to keep up with what the customer really wants. Moreover, they design their shops to keep up with the aesthetics of the area that adds character to your community with a touch of warmth and welcoming personality.

    Better Shopping Experience and Customer Service: 

    In most scenarios, you might find better customer service at a local store than a large commercial chain. 

    Nevertheless, the shopping experience is more personalized. Additionally, local vendors are more flexible in their customer support and willing to bend the rules.  

    Product Diversity and Multiple Options:

    Inventory options in smaller stores may actually surprise you. There are a couple of reasons that the local vendor would experiment with more variety. One is that they know what is special or off the menu items, and what the local community requires or demands. The second is that they are not governed by statistics and will not fear to experiment with different products in their inventory.

    Economic Impacts of Small Business and Local Vendors:

    When you, as a consumer, buy anything locally, more money stays in the community. 

    Besides, these businesses will also provide incentives to support other local businesses. 

    The other factor that makes local vendors important is that they increase competition for large commercial chains. This creates a challenging economic environment making your shopping affordable, safe, and sustainable.  

    Emergency Needs: 

    We are not going to mince our words. The recent health disaster has overwhelmingly affected the economy and wellness of the worldwide community. 

    While markets were closed and traveling was prohibited, small businesses and local vendors stepped up to the task. They provided much relief to consumers and communities.

    Due to the recent global economic structure changes, these small businesses and local vendors have become the pillars that consistently support our lives and well-being.   

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