Feng Shui Laughing Buddha and Placement

The Right Way To Place The Laughing Buddha – Feng Shui

Aside from colors, shapes, and elements, statues are also an essential part of feng shui, and one of the most well-known statues is the Laughing Buddha.

This famous and influential statue can be placed in a range of different settings, including homes, stores, restaurants, offices, and museums.

Laughing Buddha is available in numerous forms like wood, porcelain, and metal. In feng shui, the Laughing Buddha is used to attract positive chi and dispel any negativity from the space.

However, you can only benefit from its power if you place the Buddha in the right location according to the feng shui guidelines.

If you don’t know how to position your Laughing Buddha, I have created this short article to walk you through it.

The Placement Rules

    To Avoid

    Let’s start off by looking at the basic rules of Laughing Buddha placement according to feng shui. Placing any statue, leave alone this one, in your bathroom or kitchen is not advisable.

    This is because you will be degrading the statue. These areas are known for having a lot of negative energies that can interfere with the free-flowing of the positive energy and the positive energy produced by the Laughing Buddha.

    Avoid also placing the statues near electric gadgets, electric outlets, or electric circuits.

    Need to be at Eye Level

    You should also make sure that the Laughing Buddha is located at the eye level since looking down on the statue is rude and negative.

The Best Location for Placing a Laughing Buddha


    The most recommended place for a Laughing Buddha is where it can face your main entrance, whether it is a home, a restaurant, or a store. Use a table of about 35 inches to place the Buddha. This way, all the positive energies entering your space are filtered pf any negativity while enhancing the positivity.

    Anyone entering through the door will see the Laughing Buddha, which will make them happy as they enter, thus carrying this positive energy with them.

    Living room

    This statue can also be placed in the living room, but it should still face the living room to generate the maximum benefits.
    For business owners, it is recommended to pace the Laughing Buddha on the receptionist table. For students, just place the statue on your study desk or table for academic success.

What You Should Know Before Getting a Laughing Buddha

    If you want a statue for your home, make sure you get the bigger one. This is because a big Buddha allows the free flow of positive energy.

    Laughing Buddha may also be depicted holding certain items like a satchel filled with various treasures or a vessel of gold. Any type of Laughing Buddha will do, even the one with crumpled hands, large bulging stomach, and signature jolly smile.

    Once you have placed the statue, make sure you occasionally gently rub its belly every day to enhance its release of positive energy as well as more luck and wealth.

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